Kylie Jenner is Now Selling Her ‘Rise & Shine’ Viral Meme as (Pricey) Merch

Kylie Jenner and Stormi

It started as an innocuous punctuation to a video of Kylie Jenner giving a tour of her cosmetics company offices. Now, the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star, Jenner is selling her "Rise & Shine" mantra as merchandise. True to the mogul's brand, the merch will come with a robust price tag.

Jenner has become the talk of social media, when the video clip showed her entering her daughter, 20-month-old Stormi's nursery, looking down at her in her playpen, and bursting into a one line a boss! Since then, regular Joes and celebrities alike have been enthralled. Memes started popping up everywhere. There was one with baby Stormi’s head superimposed on Kylie’s adult body. Miley Cyrus parodied the moment with a meme of Jenner getting all four judges to turn for her on The Voice. Pop princess Ariana Grande even got in on the fun when she recorded a clip of herself singing the “Rise and Shine” tune with her signature vocal runs.

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Now, it doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to realize that this is a moment to be capitalized. That’s why Jenner, in all her billionaire wisdom, has decided to turn the three words into more money. Jenner is selling the slogan on a line of limited edition hoodies. They come in either black or white. One sleeve has "Riiise x" printed on it; the other has "Shiiinnee" cascading down the arm's length. Right over the heart is a picture of Kylie's face in a doodle of the sun. The athleisure wear will be available at her eCommerce portal, The Kylie Shop, for $65 a sweatshirt. There's no word yet if Jenner is planning to expand the line into a full-fledged capsule collection. Only time will tell. See The Kylie Shop on Instagram advertizing it below:

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Until then, Jenner is fielding requests from friends and family to use the wake-up jam. Her sister Kendall Jenner requested instructions on turning the sound bite into a morning alarm. Even Grande was so smitten with the song that she made a special request via Instagram if she could sample it.

It seems that Jenner is on board. She gave the thumbs up, with a simple request that she can make a cameo in the music video. Somewhere in a parallel universe, there’s a 20-something who is contemplating earning a fortune by parlaying everyday life into a Kylie Jenner-sized fortune. In our world, Kylie Jenner just does her thing, and everyone goes along for the ride.

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Source: People, The Kylie Shop

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