Kyler Chandler to Headline Netflix Thriller Series

kyle chandler in wolf of wall street

Actor Kyle Chandler is a familiar face to fans of the Friday Night Lights television series, but he's been a welcome presence in movies and on TV for years. He has had substantial roles in a wide variety of films and tv shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Peter Jackson's King Kong, J.J. Abrams' Super 8Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and he turned a lot of heads in the past month with his part as the incorruptible FBI agent Patrick Denham The Wolf of Wall Street.

His real leading man work has mainly been on television, with his impressive work on Friday Night Lights leading to a starring role as Cardinal Thomas Duffy in the Ridley Scott-directed pilot of The Vatican, a series centered on political intrigue and the mysteries within the Holy See. The show was meant for Showtime, but they wound up passing on the project.

There appears to be a silver lining to this, however, as Chandler's work on The Vatican has led to an offer to star in a high profile project headed to NetflixTHR reports that the actor will headline an as-yet-untitled 13-episode "family thriller" from the creators of Damages

kyle chandler friday night lights

Here is a description of the premise:

The series centers on a family of adult siblings whose secrets and scars come to light with the return of their black-sheep brother.

Chandler's lead role is not the black sheep described above, but rather a solid family man. THR provided the following details about his character:

Chandler will play John, the married middle brother who takes care of the family, who is described as the kind of responsible guy who would work in law enforcement and the opposite of his older, black-sheep brother, Danny.

Chandler has long been a fan-favorite, and while his role in The Wolf of Wall Street may not have attracted the awards attention of the flashier turns of co-stars Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio, his impressive, underplayed performance was the film's moral center.

This Netflix series leading role does sound very close to Patrick Denham and many of his other characters - especially Jackson Lamb, the grief-stricken deputy sheriff of Super 8 - but his consistently solid acting and familiar presence would be ideal anchors for this series (which will hopefully get a name sometime soon).

Netflix continues the aggressive expansion of its original programming. Beyond the streaming outlet's intriguing team-up with Marvel, Netflix has started to experiment with the delivery of certain content, such as adding audio commentary to Season 1 of House of Cards. This untitled thriller series may break new ground, or it may not (such as the underwhelming Hemlock Grove), but with Chandler as a solid lead, it just might be worth a look.


Stay tuned for more information about the Netflix's untitled family thriller series starring Kyle Chandler.

Source: THR

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