Kurtzman & Orci Sign Development Deal With Fox TV

Writer/Producers Kurtzman and Orci have signed a three year development deal with 20th Century Fox TV. According to Variety, the deal specifies that team will create their own projects, recruit writers to work under their wing, as well as bring new show ideas into Fox TV.

Kurtzman and Orci were already a hot commodity coming off the success of the Transformers franchise, the Star Trek reboot, as well as their work on the critically acclaimed Fringe.

Orci spoke on the appeal of returning to their television roots:

"One of the things that drew us back to TV was the idea that we could do the kind of stories that we're not known for in features. From sci-fi to procedurals to medical genres, those are all the kind of shows that we love."

Most of us would likely agree there are enough medical dramas and procedurals on the market. That said, the team does have a history of writing and producing innovative dramas - with so much recent big-screen success, it's easy to forget the duo has worked on a number of successful television series including Alias and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Kurtzman and Orci will definitely be busy. The two already have a lot on their plate: hard at work on the unnamed Star Trek sequel and a film adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's Cowboys and Aliens graphic novels. They're also overseeing a television remake of Hawaii Five-O as well as a new animated Transformers series.

Studios are cognizant of the current market for ambitious television dramas - especially with LOST entering its final season and a number of long-running dramas beginning to see dwindling viewership. Hopefully, Kurtzman and Orci can show the same care they had for the Star Trek reboot and inject it into the prime-time drama market - as well as resist the temptation to develop more medical dramas and procedurals.

What kind of shows would you like to see Kurtzman and Orci bring to Fox TV?

Source: Variety

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