Kurtzman & Orci Fly High With Airport Thriller

Writing and producing killer-combo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci show no signs of slowing down. The duo will produce a new, as yet untitled, airport thriller that is set to be penned by Jeremy Slater.

Kurtzman, Orci and Slater pitched the project to DreamWorks (where the Eagle Eye pair have a first look producing deal) which decided to taxi the film on the runway to big screen success. The thriller is set to be directed by Mathew Cullen, who is also executive producer on the film alongside Sean Sorensen.

The airport thriller is a much forgotten sub-genre – the last one that I remember is probably Die Hard 2 (although I’m sure that you could probably throw in Con Air.) In recent years it has been pretty much relegated to television movies.  However, way back in the 1970s the Aiport movies were big money at the box office. The genre was then spoofed by Airplane and its sequel - never to take off again. The last ten years or so of international terrorism have also probably had an impact on the genre, as we now live in a world where airports are now a place of fear and stress. I'm sure that the film will be timely, with a nod to the current world climate.

While there are no specifics on this new thriller, I can only guess that it’ll be high concept, as Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci don’t waste their time with low budget simplicity. The duo have Cowboys and Aliens on the way (can you get more high concept?) as well as a sequel to their mega-successful Star Trek reboot.

Slater has recently worked on Handsome Devil for Paramount/MTV, while he also has his spec script My Spy set up with Lorenzo di Bonaventura at CBS Films.

While it would appear that the film is still a while away, I can only imagine that the heat in the Kurtzman and Orci kitchen will bring it to boil soon.

You can find more details on the project here at Screen Rant when we get them.

Source: THR

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