Kurt Russell Kept Calling Star-Lord 'Star Wars' on Guardians 2 Set

It seems that even for an actor with decades of experience, remembering the name Star-Lord didn't come easy to Kurt Russell during the filming of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2. After kicking off the summer movie season and dominating at the box office, the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is all set to make a big splash with its home video release later this month. While the film has already been released digitally (and in 4K!), Marvel is still heavily promoting the physical addition of the film by revealing some of the many bonus features that will be included.

Along with standard featurettes and interviews, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Blu-ray and DVD will come with a number of deleted scenes, a couple of which we've already seen. The first features Ego's Peter-centric retelling of the climax from the first film, something that doesn't sit well with Gamora and Drax. The second scene involves Kraglin trying to explain how a Zune works to Quill. The latter scene ends with a bit of improv, hinting at just how much fun the cast and crew had on set . Of course, some of that fun was the result of some serious bloopers.

THR reports that on one of the bonus features from the home video release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 involves Kurt Russell seemingly unable to remember the name Star-Lord. Here's an example of a typical take from one of Russell's scenes as Ego:

"Well, even where I reside out past the edge of what's known, we've heard tales about the man they call Star Wars. We could be in trouble."

Russell immediately realized he couldn't quite nail the line, with his frustration turning to laughter on the set. Marvel recently released a short blooper reel from the film, and it also features Russell having a bit of trouble with his lines. When it comes to the 'Star Wars' gaffe, things didn't get easier for the actor.

"We've heard tell of the man they call Star Wars. Ugh. Yes, Star Wars. He's all of Star Wars. We've heard of the movie Star Wars."

Luckily, both Russell and director James Gunn had a good sense of humor about it. Many also found it equally amusing as Russell once auditioned for the role of Han Solo back in the '70s. Perhaps all those memories flooded back to him as he was filming the modern space opera that is Guardians.

Along with the bloopers and deleted scenes, a new behind-the-scenes video also shows how much fun everyone had during the filming of the movie. That sense of joy certainly spilled over into the final product, which surely helped the new film to perform so well.

With the home video release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming up fast, expect more hilarious bonus features and stories to pop up online.

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Source: THR

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