17Mr. Nobody - Fast & Furious

Russell joined the ensemble cast of the Fast and Furious franchise for the seventh installment, as Mr. Nobody, an easygoing government agent who is so good at keeping his cool under pressure that he even winks at Vin Diesel's character in the midst of an intense gunfight.

It's little moments like these that prove that Russell can be just as tough as any of the young musclebound action stars that he often finds himself co-starring with.

The Fast and Furious movies didn't get to eight movies by just coasting along and not shaking things up, and it tends to introduce some major new star/character every couple of films to revitalize both the story and the franchise itself.

It's easy to make the argument that, despite other recent big-name additions like Jason Statham and Charlize Theron, it is Russell who is at the core of the franchise's latest re-invigoration. And if anyone can believably reign in that many oversized personalities, it's Kurt Russell.

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