Krypton Teaser Trailer Introduces the Legend of House El

A teaser trailer for Syfy's Krypton TV series arrives, showcasing the House of El and life on the planet long before Superman's birth.

A brand-new teaser for Syfy's Krypton has arrived, showcasing the gritty world of the Superman prequel. For years now, comic book fans have been following the production of Krypton and Titans, wondering if the two DC TV shows would ever make it to air. Now, Titans is poised to air next year on DC's upcoming digital streaming service while Syfy is gearing up to premiere Krypton in 2018 as well.

From David S. Goyer, who's worked on everything from Blade to The Dark Knight Trilogy to Man of Steel, Syfy's Krypton series will follow the forbidden love of Seg-El and Lyta Zod as they navigate the planet in the years before catastrophe struck. Removed from the Superman story directly, the show will be able to flesh out the myth of the House of El, while still bringing in characters like Brainiac and Doomsday. The series will also have a fanatical religious element which will clash with some of Krypton's more science-minded citizens. Now, the latest trailer for the show offers yet another look at the alien civilization and the conflicts that will follow Seg-El.

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Syfy released a short new teaser for Krypton that sets up the House of El and the city Seg-El lives in. Mixing both grim and gritty elements reminiscent of Blade Runner and the romantic drama of The CW, Krypton will certainly be unique in the superhero TV landscape. It's also a far cry from the bright colors of Supergirl and that show's message of hope.

Syfy Krypton Logo

The darker aesthetic and prequel status may help Krypton define itself, but it could also detract Superman fans. After all, the series will have very little to do with the hero and his mythology. What's more, but the grim tone is a long way from Superman's general message of hope, something that proved divisive when Man of Steel attempted something similar.

Then again, the opening of Man of Steel dove into life on Krypton in a way we've never really seen in a live-action setting. Though the Superman story has been told time and again, putting the focus on the hero's homeworld and his ancestors could prove to be an interesting way to define who he'll become. It could also help highlight what sets Earth and Krypton apart, indicating that Superman's upbringing saved him from what could have been a dark and tragic upbringing on Krypton.

There's no word yet on when Krypton will arrive on Syfy, but the show has been years in the making. With so many networks trying to get in on the superhero genre, Syfy is certainly taking a different approach. Given the network's recent track record, they could have another hit on their hands. Hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer to see how Krypton fares.

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Krypton premires on Syfy in 2018.

Source: Syfy

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