There's More to the Superman Legend in New Krypton Poster

Superman's logo and cape take center stage in a new poster for Syfy's Krypton, a TV show that will explore the history of Superman's home planet. More than a history lesson, the series will feature a modern-day conspiracy to prevent the birth of the Man of Steel and change the future.

Developed by David S. Goyer and Damien Kindler, Krypton tells the story of Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), Superman's grandfather. Generations before the destruction of Krypton, a young Seg-El must redeem the honor of his family, the House of El, which has been ostracized and shamed. With its leadership in disarray, Krypton is a world in chaos and it will be up to Seg-El to save it. A warning from time-traveling Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) will present Seg-El with a choice that could save his beloved homeworld.

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Syfy has released a poster for Krypton that shows Cameron Cuffe's Seg-El standing on the emblem of the House of El, while holding his grandson's iconic cape. The caption on the poster reads "There's more to the legend." It's become clear that Krypton isn't going to be just a prequel series about Superman's home planet. The TV show will have deep ties to the Man of Steel's legacy.

Adam Strange, based on the comic book space hero of the same name, will travel back in time to warn Seg-El of a conspiracy to stop Superman from being born. Seg-El will find out that his son eventually becomes "the greatest hero in the universe", which means that he will also be aware of his planet's impending doom. It remains to be seen how Seg-El will react when he discovers Krypton's fate. The truth about Superman will lead Seg-El to an important choice: he can save Krypton, or let it die to protect his grandson's future. This difficult decision will serve as an interesting moral dilemma that will likely challenge Seg-El just as much as his enemies.

It appears that the mastermind of the conspiracy is Brainiac (Blake Ritson), one of Superman's oldest villains. Since Superman's heroics have thwarted many of Brainiac's evil schemes, it makes perfect sense that Brainiac would be the one to develop a plan to erase him from existence. Being an android with a super-computer for a brain, Braniac will make for a powerful foe for Seg-El and the Kryptonians.

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Krypton premieres Wednesday, March 21 on Syfy.

Source: Syfy, DC Entertainment

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