Krypton TV Show Will Include Earth; Could Explore Hawkman's Planet

Hawkman from DC Comics

Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh has confirmed that the Superman prequel series won't just be set on Superman's home planet; the series will also feature Earth. There's also a possibility that Krypton will explore other planets as well, including Thanagar, known to comic book fans as Hawkman's homeworld.

Developed by Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer and Damien Kindler, Krypton takes viewers to Superman's home planet two generations before the hero's birth. The series follows Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), as he struggles to redeem the honor of the House of El. After meeting a time-traveler named Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), Seg learns of a conspiracy to prevent the birth of his future grandson. Seg-El must defeat Brainiac, one of Superman's oldest villains, and save his planet from destruction.

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During the Krypton panel at WonderCon, Welsh discussed his plans for the series and revealed that the show will soon visit present-day Earth:

We will go to present-day Earth in this season, and see where Adam [Strange] came from - from Detroit.

Cameron Cuffe in Krypton

Since the conspiracy to erase Superman's existence from the timeline is a major part of the show, it makes sense that at least some scenes will take place on Earth, which is most likely where the conspiracy originated. Including Earth in Krypton could mean that Superman himself may make an appearance at some point down the road.

The scope of Krypton won't be limited to Superman's home planet and Earth, however, as Welsh also expressed an interest in exploring other planets, including Thanagar and Rann. In the Silver Age of comics, Hawkman was rebooted as an alien policeman named Katar Hol (as opposed to Carter Hall) from the planet Thanagar. Like Krypton, Thanagar is a technologically advanced society.

The second planet mentioned by Welsh is Rann, the setting for most of Adam Strange's adventures in space. Strange traveled to Rann through a transportation ray called a Zeta-Beam. It was there that he fell in love with a woman named Alanna and took it upon himself to protect Rann from various threats. According to Sipos, Rann has a lot in common with Krypton, particularly in the way the inhabitants from both planets interact with Strange. It's worth noting that Rann is often at war with Thanagar, which suggests that if both planets were to be featured in Krypton, this could become the show's first interplanetary war.

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Krypton continues Wednesday, March 28 with 'House of El' on Syfy.

Source: IGN

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