Adam Strange May Be Krypton's Secret Weapon

Adam Strange Shaun Sipos

Fans can expect Adam Strange to bring an element of joy to a dystopian world in Syfy's Krypton, according to actor Shaun Sipos. As a time traveler from Earth, Strange will come to Krypton on a mission to save the future.

Developed by David S. Goyer and Damien Kindler, Krypton takes viewers back to Superman's home planet, two generation before the birth of the Man of Steel. The series will focus on Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), as he struggles to redeem the honor of his family, the House of El. Seg-El will soon meet time-traveler Adam Strange, who will warn him of a modern-day conspiracy to prevent Superman from ever being born. Behind it all is Brainiac (Blake Ritson), a longtime villain of Superman with a super computer for a brain.

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In a set interview with Comic Book, Sipos explains what makes Adam Strange unique to the series. Sipos says Strange is different from the militaristic, dystopian society of Krypton. He compares Krypton to Rann, the planet where the comic book version of Strange shared the majority of his adventures. He says that in the comics, the people of Rann were fascinated by his humor and "how much life he has in him". Sipos adds that Rann has a lot in common with Superman's home planet:

It's very dystopian as well. So, I try and approach it with joy. I mean, he has a lot of pain. He had a difficult childhood. He didn't feel that he fit in. He didn't think that he would be a superhero. He would be the last one to say that he would be one. But, I think that's what draws people to him, is that he's the unlikely superhero. If he can be a superhero, then anyone can be.

Sipos' description of Strange as an "unlikely superhero" falls in line with the source material. Comic book Strange was an archaeologist who was mysterious whisked away to the planet Rann. He had no intention of being a hero until the people of Rann began to depend on him for protection.

It appears that Krypton will present Shaun Sipos' Adam Strange as a relatable character whom the audience will be able to root for. It will be up to Strange to convince Seg-El that he must preserve Superman's legacy and stop Brainiac.

Apart from his connection with Seg-El, not much is known about how Strange will interact with the other characters. We can expect that the Kryptonians, particularly the House of Zod, won't be entirely welcoming to outsiders, and Strange may have to make some friends other than Seg-El to survive. In the comics, he met and fell in love with a Rannian girl named Alanna. It remains to be seen if some version of that story will be adapted on Krypton.

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Krypton premieres Wednesday, March 21 on Syfy.

Source: Comic Book

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