Krypton SyFy TV Series Promo Leaks Online

Krypton pilot ordered at Syfy

After years in development, the promo for SyFy's Krypton has leaked online ahead of the show's as-yet-undetermined release date. Almost three years ago, rumors began to swirl that David S. Goyer, the writer behind Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, would be crafting a look back at the origin of Superman's family. Late in 2014, Krypton was finally announced and said to focus on Kal-El's grandparents and the recent past of their doomed planet. From there, things stayed relatively quiet until SyFy ordered the pilot to production almost a year ago to the day.

Since Krypton began coming together in earnest, we received a casting breakdown showing the members of the House of El and Zod that would be present in the new series. From there, Georgina Campbell was added as Lyta Zod, with Cameron Cuffe joining as Superman's grandfather Seg-El. Late last year, Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones) was cast as Seg's grandfather Val-El, filling out the principal cast. Now, thanks to a leak, we have our best look yet at what the show will entail and how it might connect to the DCEU.

CBR got their hands on a leaked promo for the show, teasing the pilot and possibly the first season. While it's unknown how much of the show has been ordered or shot, there's a lot of action and drama within the promo. In it, we see the Els and Zods live, love, and fight, all while Seg attempts to follow the clues to the mysterious fortress and his family's birthright.

Krypton pilot ordered at Syfy

While there's no information on whether Krypton will connect to the DCEU or be separate like Gotham and the Arrowverse, there's a case to be made that it will serve as a prequel to the movies. After all, Goyer has long worked on the film side of things for DC and helped kick off the company's shared universe. The imagery also matches up with what we've seen in the DCEU, specifically the El family sigil spied on the key Seg holds. It looks almost identical to the more alien design of the symbol Superman wears on his chest in the DCEU, hinting that this show exist in the same universe as the films.

With the series set generations before anything we've seen so far from DC, Krypton would have a much easier time connecting to the films than Marvel have had in their own shared universe. Hopefully, when the promo is officially released, we'll learn whether Krypton is part of the DCEU or a standalone, and discover when we can expect to see the series.

Krpton will air on SyFy sometime in the future.

Source: CBR

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