Krypton TV Series Finds Its Adam Strange

SYFY's upcoming Superman prequel series Krypton finds its Adam Strange in Vampire Diaries actor Shaun Sipos, who will bring the adventurer to life.

Adam Strange Shaun Sipos

It was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 that SYFY's Superman prequel series Krypton would add DC superhero Adam Strange to the show. We now know that the character will be played by Shaun Sipos, who has appeared in Melrose Place, The Vampire Diaries, and Life Unexpected.

Officially announced in 2014 and developed by David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler, Krypton takes place on the home planet of Superman two generations before its destruction. The show will follow the story of Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) who has to fight to redeem the honor of his family, the House of El. The series will also explore a present-day conspiracy to prevent the birth of Superman.

Deadline reports that Canadian actor Shaun Sipos has been cast in the series regular role of Adam Strange. Krypton's version of the character is described as a  "world-weary human, who finds himself stranded on Krypton as the unlikely mentor to Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather."

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Adam Strange has a long history in DC Comics, having been introduced in an issue of the anthology series Showcase in 1957. Though a character in a comic book world of superheroes, Strange was less of a Batman or Superman and more of a science-fiction hero in the style of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

The character was a human archaelogist who was transported to Rann, an alien planet in desperate need of protection from extraterrestrial threats. As the hero of Rann, Strange wore a red helmet, a suit equipped with a jet pack, and carried an energy gun. While on the planet, Strange fell in love with a Alanna, the daughter of the planet's greatest scientist. Strange later became more relevant to the DC Universe when he began guest-starring in other prominent comic book titles such as Justice League, Swamp Thing, and Hawkman.

Since Adam Strange had no connection to Krypton in the comics, it's possible that this version of the character is a very loose adaptation of the sci-fi hero, or it could be that his story has been altered so that he is teleported to Krypton instead of Rann.

Strange's role in Krpyton has been known since SDCC, when it was announced that several DC characters would also appear on the show in some capacity. Superman villains Brainiac and Doomsday are also set to appear, along with JLA member Hawkgirl.

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Krypton is expected to air on SYFY sometime in 2018.

Source: Deadline

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