Krypton Video Explores The Beginnings Of The Superman Legacy

SYFY will premiere its newest comic-book series, Krypton, next week, but before the House of El hits everyone’s television screens, you can take a look behind the scenes with a brand new featurette. The video has its fair share of cast members talking up the new Superman-linked series, as well as a glimpse at series co-creator David Goyer, who discusses his intentions for the alien world, but it also offers a closer look at the series itself and the sort of story it’s creators are hoping to tell.

As is mentioned in the video, Krypton is set to explore the real beginnings of the Superman legacy — something that is made possible thanks to the arrival of Adam Strange, who shares details about the Man of Steel’s future with his grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe). This sets into motion a question as to what Seg plans to do with the information, essentially pitting the future of an entire planet against the promise that, from its destruction, one of the greatest heroes ever will be born.

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That conceit takes the notion of the typical prequel series, whether it be Smallville or Gotham, and essentially turns it on its ear. Instead of waiting to see the series catch up with the events of a character known the world over, Krypton is actually creating a scenario wherein the Big Blue Boy Scout may never come into existence at all. It’s an intriguing enough premise that the series might prove Cuffe’s words true: that Krypton isn’t “making a prequel. This story has genuine impact in what happens in the DC Universe.”

Cameron Cuffe in Krypton SYFY

Changing the typical formula like that gives the series an edge, but so does it’s production design. From what’s been seen so far, the series offers some impressive sets and CGI environments that include the original Fortress of Solitude and a faithful recreation of Brainiac. So far, the look of the series is somewhere between Battlestar Galactica and The Expanse, comparisons that are nothing to sneeze at, considering one series helped legitimize SYFY, and the other is one of the network’s most critically acclaimed offerings.

Whether or not Krypton will be received as well as either of those series remains to be seen, but with its connections to the DC Universe and one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, the series may still prove to be a big hit for SYFY.

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Krypton premiers Wednesday, March 21 @10pm on SYFY.

Source: SYFY

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