Rumor Patrol: David S. Goyer Developing Superman Prequel TV Series 'Krypton'

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The recent on-screen DC universe has a few key architects, and producer/screenwriter David S. Goyer is responsible for a fair amount of its storytelling brickwork. Goyer worked on the screenplay for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and scripted Zack Snyder's recent Superman reboot tale Man of Steel, and is also a showrunner on NBC's new Hellblazer TV series Constantine.

DC comics are currently pretty well served on TV, with four different TV shows based on DC properties currently airing across a range of networks. There hasn't, however, been a live action Superman series since Smallville drew to a close in 2011, and Gotham has somewhat one-upped the concept of Clark Kent's teenage years by introducing a pre-teen Bruce Wayne. Now it's Superman's turn to up the stakes of the comic book prequel show, in a new series called Krypton that seems to be set before Superman is even born.

This report comes from Bleeding Cool, which recently broke the news of a new Supergirl TV series and live-action X-Men TV show; according to Bleeding Cool's sources, Goyer is currently developing Krypton. That's the only detail that's currently available, but it sounds lot like this show will be about life on Superman's home planet prior to its destruction. Since Krypton exploded shortly after baby Kal-El escaped from it, it's safe to assume that such a show wouldn't feature the planet's most famous son.

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Details about Krypton (or even confirmation that it's more than just a rumor) are sparse at the moment and it's unclear which network the show is intended to air on. Supergirl, which will follow the adventures of Superman's cousin and fellow Kryptonian Kara Zor-el, is headed to CBS and there's always the possibility that the two shows will be connected. Either way, it's easy to imagine a show like this being snapped up quickly amid the current comic book adaptation frenzy.

The lack of concrete information leaves plenty of room to speculate based on the title, and with the wealth of Kryptonian lore in the comics that could be drawn from there's certainly potential for an interesting sci-fi show set on the planet. Goyer's involvement suggests that the show could directly tie into the version of Krypton seen in Man of Steel and expand further upon the politics of that world, perhaps by following Jor-El during his younger days.

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Right now all we have to go in is guesswork, so let us know in the comments what you think would be the best approach for a Superman prequel series to take, and which depiction of Krypton would be the most interesting one to explore.

We'll keep you updated on Krypton as more details emerge.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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