Krypton Made A Shocking Change To Superman's Backstory

Superman and General Zod in Krypton

The penultimate episode of Krypton's first season reveals that Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) is the father of General Zod (Colin Salmon), which makes Zod Superman's uncle. By linking the Zod and El families, Krypton has made a major change to Superman's backstory that could have huge implications for the series going forward.

General Zod's arrival on Krypton has changed the show's direction in a big way. We found out in the fifth episode of the series that Zod is Lyta's son from the future. It was Zod who told Seg and the others Brainiac's true plans for Krypton and the city of Kandor. Zod's efforts to defeat Brainiac by unleashing Doomsday divided the characters, particularly Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), who has vowed to kill Zod. It was eventually agreed that releasing Doomsday would be too dangerous, and that they would have to find another way to save Krypton.

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In tonight's episode, titled 'Hope', General Zod changes his mind about Doomsday and convinces Lyta (Georgina Campbell) to help him. Since freeing Doomsday requires the blood of a Zod and an El, it appeared that Zod wouldn't be able to accomplish his mission without Seg's help. However, Zod's blood alone proves to be enough to open the door. According to Zod, Seg is his father. Zod figured this out after taking notice of Seg's relationship with Lyta. In an earlier episode, Zod was asked about the identity of his father, where he explained that he never knew his father, and that he believed the man to be a soldier who had died fighting Brainiac.

Though this reveal may have been expected by some fans, it's significant because it's Krypton's first meaningful change to Superman's comic book backstory. Up until this point, everything about Krypton's Superman has been faithful to the comics, including Superman's reputation, his rivalry with Zod, and Zod's history with Jor-El.

It's possible that Zod being the son of Seg and Lyta could make the characters' situation even more complicated. Lyta's decision to help Zod has alienated Seg, who was recently informed of Zod's intentions to become the next ruler of Krypton. Her loyalty to him and his cause was cemented when she shot her own mother during their duel. A reconciliation between Seg and Lyta doesn't seem likely at this point, which could threaten Zod's very existence. While the show has so far been focused on the possibility that Superman's birth could be undone, it may instead be General Zod who ends up being wiped out of existence. If Seg and Lyta don't get back together, Superman may lose one of his greatest enemies.

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Season 1 of Krypton concludes Wednesday, May 23 on Syfy.

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