Krypton Dropped A Reference To Thor: Ragnarok's Funniest Joke

Last night's episode of Krypton included a reference to a joke from Thor: Ragnarok. Korg's popular "piss off, ghost!" line is spoken by Shaun Sipos' Adam Strange toward the end of the episode. The Thor: Ragnarok connection was acknowledged in a tweet from Krypton star Cameron Cuffe.

Korg, portrayed by director Taika Waititi through motion capture, became one of Thor: Ragnarok's most talked-about characters. The rock-like alien and gladiator even received his own character poster. The scene-stealing gladiator is credited with some of the movie's most-quoted lines and comedic moments. As a result of Korg's popularity, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has stated that Korg will factor into plans for the future of the MCU.

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At the end of last night's episode, titled 'Transformation', Adam Strange was speaking to the computer-programmed "memory" of Val-El, Seg's deceased grandfather, who interacts with the characters in the form of a hologram, similar to the way that Superman communicates with Jor-El. After dismissing Val-El's words, Adam walks away and says in an accent reminiscent of Korg's, "piss off, ghost!". Cameron Cuffe, who plays Seg-El, called the line "a little nod of the head to our friends who worked on Thor: Ragnarok".

In Thor: Ragnarok, Korg utters the line to an illusion of Loki just prior to Thor's epic clash with Hulk. After kicking the wall where Loki had been standing, Korg added, "he's freakin' gone". The "piss off, ghost" joke took off with fans and has become one of the character's most memorable lines.

This isn't the first time Krypton has made a Marvel reference. In an earlier episode, Adam Strange said he preferred being called "Doctor" instead of "Mister," but immediately changed his mind, having obviously released that the name is shared by another superhero. The moment was clearly a nod to Doctor Strange, Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme.

Fans just migh have to start watching out for Marvel references in addition to all the Superman and DC easter eggs. Last night's DC references—which also came from Adam Strange—include mentions of a "power ring" and the Justice League. These lines are important in that they confirm the existence of Green Lantern and Justice League, which further shows that Krypton takes place in a "fully realized DC Universe".

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Krypton continues Wednesday, May 9 on Syfy.

Source: Cameron Cuffe

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