Krypton Confirms Justice League And [SPOILER] Exist In This Universe

Krypton and Justice League

This week's episode of Syfy's Krypton dropped a reference to the Justice League and confirmed the existence of Green Lantern within their universe. Up until now, the series hasn't acknowledged any DC superheroes outside of Superman.

In its first six episodes, Krypton has been full of Superman mythology. Just seven episodes in, the show has introduced three major Superman villains -Brainiac (Blake Ritson), General Zod (Colin Salmon), and a comic book accurate Doomsday - and is already teasing the debut of a fourth. However, the Superman prequel series has yet to explore the Man of Steel's connections with other superheroes (although it was announced at SDCC 2017 that Hawkgirl would eventually appear). That is, until now.

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In this week's episode, "Transformation," Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) is trying to find a way back to Earth after Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) learned of Brainiac's true plans and that Adam kept Krypton's impending destruction a secret from him. Feeling like a failure, Adam explains to Val-El (Ian McElhinney) that he lied about being a superhero. He says, "I can't fly, have no superhuman strength, no power ring". According to Adam, he came to Krypton to save Superman in the hopes that the Justice League would finally take notice of him.

It isn't exactly surprising that DC's biggest superhero team is a part of this world, but it is a fun nod to fans. Adam Strange's experiences on Earth and knowledge of superheroes could open the door to even more DC superhero easter eggs. With time travel being such an important part of the show, it may only be a matter of time before a Justice League member actually appears on-screen. A moment like this almost became a reality at the end of this week's episode. Adam was about to go back in time and send a real superhero in his place before being convinced by Val-El to stay and finish his mission.

Adam's mention of a power ring serves as confirmation that Green Lantern exists in Krypton's universe; power rings are what gives members of the Green Lantern Corps their powers. Less oblique than the Justice League nod, this nevertheless lays the groundwork for a future appearance from Corps member. Indeed, the galactic peace-keeping organization was previously teased by showrunner Cameron Welsh, who claimed that the Green Lantern Corps would be a "natural fit" for the series.

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Krypton continues Wednesday, May 9 on Syfy.

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