Krypton: Doomsday's Appearance Is Way More Comic Accurate Than in BvS


Warning: The following contains spoilers for Krypton


Syfy's Krypton just introduced another major Superman villain: Doomsday. Though he remained in suspended animation for the entire episode, fans were given a glimpse of the genetically engineered Kryptonian monster. This version of Doomsday has a much more comic book accurate look than the character that appeared in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In the final moments of last week's episode, Krypton delivered a shocking twist by revealing that a recently introduced character played by Colin Salmon is actually a time-traveling General Zod on a mission to defeat "the collector of worlds", Brainiac.

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In tonight's episode, fans learned about Brainiac's goals. General Zod reveals that Krypton is destined to be destroyed by Brainiac. This revelation divides Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) who now hold opposing views on what to do about Brainiac. Zod convinces Seg to help him release Doomsday, "a weapon that is unkillable". Apparently, Doomsday was created centuries ago by members of the Zod and El family, and only the blood of a Zod and an El can free him from his prison.

General Zod and Seg use their blood to open the door, revealing Doomsday for the first time. Adam joins forces with the Cythonnites, a religious group who have tasked themselves with making sure that Doomsday never gets loose. Luckily, Zod and Seg are unable to free Doomsday. According to Adam, Doomsday is a being powerful enough to destroy anything in the universe. Adam appears to know plenty about Doomsday, but doesn't mention the death of Superman. It's not clear if that event is part of Krypton's continuity.

So far, there have been three live-action versions of Doomsday.The first was in Smallville. Smallville's Doomsday was widely criticized by fans due to liberties taken with the character's origin story. The first and only Doomsday to appear on the big screen was in Batman v. Superman, where the character battled Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Though some concept art indicated that Doomsday was originally intended to look more like his comic book counterpart, this didn't happen. His appearance was defended as a younger version of the character, but he still never achieved the same look as the version from the comics, leaving many fans disappointed.

Krypton's Doomsday, on the other hand, is much more visually impressive. Easily recognized as the comic book villain by his facial features and spikes on his arms and back, Doomsday is able to resemble the character in the comics while also managing to appear as threatening and menacing as fans would expect him to look. It's easy to imagine this Doomsday as the terror of the universe that Adam paints him to be.

Though Seg and Zod agree not to unleash Doomsday, there remains a possibility that Doomsday will eventually be freed. If and when that happens, Doomsday could be an even greater danger to Krypton—and the universe—than Brainiac ever was.

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Krypton continues Wednesday, May 2 on Syfy.

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