Krypton Producer Reveals What Would Have Been The Season 3 Teaser

Syfy's Krypton producer Cameron Welsh reveals a taste of what season 3 of the show would have had it store for its viewers. The sci-fi series set on Superman’s home planet, Krypton, was cancelled on Friday last week, two days after airing the season 2 finale.

The first season of Krypton heavily played into its premise as a prequel to Superman, seeing Adam Strange travel into the past to save Kal-El, whose existence was being erased from the timeline due to cosmic meddling of Brainiac. With the appearance of General Zod and the subsequent civil war that ran the entire course of season 2, the show drastically improved in quality (with the odd pitfall) and began expanding the scope of the setting, introducing antihero bounty hunter Lobo and indicating the introduction of the Rann-Thanagar War, while also teasing the possible return of Doomsday.

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Despite the fact that he “might get into trouble” for doing so, Cameron Welsh shared the snippet by posting a text screengrab to his Twitter, detailing a brief sequence “cooked up” by himself and his fellow producer and writer Luke Kalteux. Read it in its entirety below, but be warned, it’ll hit you hard.

Welsh also cleared up some online speculation regarding the story seeds planted in the Krypton season 2 finale. He confirmed the winged people Nyssa saw flying overhead were Thanagarians, the species of Hawkman, Hawkwoman and Hawkgirl, and part of an invasion force occupying the planet Rann, placing her right in the middle of the Rann-Thanagar War. He also stated the omega symbol painted on a rock wall referred to the Omega Men, and not Darkseid as some were theorizing due to mistaking the Thanagarians for Parademons and the symbol to refer to the New God’s Omega Beams.

The scene Welsh shared is so impacting due to its crafty use of imagery the viewer would associate with Clark Kent as a child, only to subvert the expectations of what the scene was actually showing. It also delved into one of the show’s central themes about whether simply being in possession of power gives you the right to use it. Admittedly, there isn’t any context for the events and the fact that they seem to take place about 10 years in the future means the scenario may well be a nightmare or a premonition of dangers to come, but whether or not its events show reality doesn’t alter how well it draws you in and hits you like a gut punch, showing just how much Krypton has been robbed of what it could have become.

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Source: Cameron Welsh

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