Krypton May Be Building To A Twist On Superman vs. Doomsday

Krypton Seg El and Doomsday

Syfy's Krypton may be on their way to creating their own take on the classic Superman vs. Doomsday showdown. The return of Doomsday and a bold decision made by Seg (Cameron Cuffe) in the latest episode could set the stage for an epic battle between the two characters.

Doomsday is one of several iconic DC villains to appear in the Superman prequel series. Though Doomsday has only appeared in a handful of episodes, the character has had a strong, though largely unseen, presence on the show. The comic book-accurate Superman villain was locked away for years because of his destructive nature. During Krypton season 1, one of General Zod's goals was to unleash Doomsday in an effort to defeat Brainiac (Blake Ritson). Eventually, Doomsday was freed, allowing the genetically-engineered weapon of mass destruction to roam free and escape to the Outlands of Krypton.

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In Krypton season 2, episode 6, "In Zod We Trust", Brainiac convinces Seg that the rebels don't stand a chance against Zod (Colin Salmon) and his forces. Determined to protect his family, Seg is willing to accept help from Brainiac, who still exists as an "infinite decimal fragment" in Seg's mind. Brainiac explains that he can help Seg win by taking him to his  ship where he can imbue Seg with "the power to defeat Zod." At the end of the episode, Zod prepares to use a weapon powered by the Codex against Doomsday, who is currently living underground.

Doomsday Krypton Season 2

If Doomsday were to be hit with this weapon, it could send him into a fit of rage that would devastate the people of Krypton. Such a disaster would force the rebels to respond, but of course they would have no defense for Doomsday, unless Seg's upgrade somehow makes him a physical match for the Superman villain. It's possible that Brainiac's plan will grant Seg incredible abilities, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with Doomsday. If Seg's powers are anything like his future grandson's, Krypton could be building toward a fight that will pay homage to Doomsday's battle with Superman himself.

In any case, it appears that Krypton is about to make Seg a force to be reckoned with, and possibly even Krypton's first superhero. If so, it would be an interesting twist, considering that he's the grandfather of Earth's greatest superhero. Seg would owe it all to Brainiac, who is turning out to be the rebels' greatest weapon in the fight against Zod. Since Zod is still unaware of Brainiac's interference, the green-skinned android may serve as Seg's trump card in the battles ahead.

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