Krypton Showrunner Explains Why Lobo Is Coming in Season 2

Showrunner Cameron Welsh has offered more details regarding the presence of Lobo in Krypton season 2. Krypton is a Superman prequel series, set on his home-world generations before the planet's destruction and is focused on Kal-El's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), as he battles against a scheme to prevent the birth of his future grandchild. Although Brainiac was long considered the architect of the plot, the season finale turned things on its head by revealing another nemesis of Superman was responsible: General Zod (Colin Salmon).

Lobo, meanwhile, was created in the 1980s as a parody of such characters as The Punisher, but, ultimately, soared in popularity as a ruthless interstellar mercenary. Known for his strict code of finishing a job no matter what the cost, the villain and anti-hero has tussled with everybody from Superman to Deathstroke. Though attempts have been made to adapt Lobo for the big screen, nothing has come to fruition yet. Equally, Lobo has been referenced numerous times on Supergirl, but never materialized.

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The arrival of Lobo on Krypton would mark the first live-action appearance of the character. It was an announcement that was met with equal pleasure and confusion, with many fans citing a tonal clash as their main source of skepticism. Speaking at the Krypton press conference, Welsh attempted to clarify and revealed the tonal juxtaposition is what led to the idea of introducing Lobo:

"The main thing to say is that he's obviously a really broad character in the comics, and we have a pretty grounded tone for our show, so in a way it seems an unlikely match, Lobo and our show. And it's almost precisely because of that that we're - when we've done that in the past, it's worked well for us, so that sort of contrast I think will work well for us. I mean, he's not gonna be riding space dolphins or things like that that we've seen in the comics, but we also don't want to introduce Lobo, and have him not be true to the character that has become so popular over the years."

Though some fans are sure to be disappointed by the lack of Lobo's beloved space dolphins, the fact they intend to be true to the character is a hopeful sign. Although, anybody hoping for Lobo to live up to his Deadpool-esque level of bloodthirsty violence and carnage, are bound to be disappointed. The show, while it has bouts of violence, is not exactly Game of Thrones in terms of blood and gore. The show did, however, end on a huge cliffhanger, with some interesting dangling plot threads and Zod taking control of Krypton, ultimately erasing Superman from the timeline.

Quite how Lobo will fit into these proceedings, or which elements of his backstory will be utilized, is anybody's guess. With Zod looking to maintain his grip on Krypton, though, he could have use for a bounty hunter who'd be willing to hunt down Seg and anybody else that stands in his way. Similarly, Seg might have use for an outlaw in escaping the Phantom Zone, only to need to stop Lobo later on. With the Kryptonians looking to venture out to other civilizations, audiences may have themselves an intergalatic chase on their hands for season 2. Then again, Lobo, somehow knowing that the likes of Superman are no longer to be, may just take the opportunity to rain chaos down upon the galaxy. Whatever the case, if the tonal clash is pulled off well and without being jarring, it should make for some exciting television in the new year.

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Krypton season 2 will air on Syfy sometime in 2019.

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