Krypton Season 1 Finale Explained: Zod's Plan, The Phantom Zone & Doomsday

The mission to save Superman took a surprising turn for the worst in the season 1 finale of Krypton. After spending an entire season trying to prevent Brainiac from destroying Kandor, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and his allies finally find a way to stop him. Unfortunately, Brainiac's defeat doesn't preserve the timeline as Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) had hoped it would. Instead, their victory has allowed the rise of a new threat to the universe: General Zod (Colin Salmon).

The explosive season finale sets in motion a number of storylines that are sure to play out in season 2, which was recently ordered by Syfy. We discover that Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) is actually a clone created by the leader of Black Zero, Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham). We can expect this shocking reveal to have major repercussions for both Nyssa and Krypton itself.

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However, the more pressing concern is, of course, Zod, who has made himself the planet's new ruler. Zod has clearly become the show's next big bad, but this doesn't mean that we've seen the last of Brainiac. The finale also sets up a battle with another major Superman villain: Doomsday.

Brainiac's Defeat

In the season finale, Zod and Seg are forced to put aside their differences to make a stand against their common enemy. Zod reveals that Seg's grandfather, Val-El (Ian McElhinney), is still alive and trapped in the Phantom Zone. Zod retrieves Val-El from the Phantom Zone and plans to use Val-El's knowledge of the future as a bargaining chip against Brainiac. Against Seg's wishes, he attempts to trade Val for Krypton's survival. Seg is able to deceive Brainiac and lure him into a trap. Since Brainiac is far too powerful for anyone to defeat physically, Seg sends Brainiac into the Phantom Zone. Unfortunately, Seg is sucked into the portal as well. Despite knowing that Seg is his father, Zod destroys the console that operates the portal to ensure that Brainiac never returns.

This confrontation neatly wraps up the season's main plot by finally dealing with Brainiac. Even though Seg is in the Phantom Zone, Superman's cape in the Fortress of Solitude is seemingly restored, which could mean that Seg doesn't have to be free for the Man of Steel to be born. Could it be that his son, Jor-El, has already been conceived? In the finale, Nyssa rescues their son, Cor-Vex, from the Genesis Chamber. It's possible that the fall of the House of Vex will result in Cor-Vex being renamed "Jor-El".

Since Seg is still trapped in the Phantom Zone, the beginning of season 2 will most likely focus on his escape. What could make this problematic is that Brainiac—and who knows who else—is there with him. The villain could seek revenge on the person responsible for his failure to add Kandor to his collection of worlds.

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General Zod's Ascension

A few episodes ago, it was suggested by Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) that Zod was secretly plotting to take control of Krypton following the conclusion of the battle with Brainiac. Zod challenged Jayna to a duel, and would have lost, had it not been for interference from his mother, Lyta (Georgina Campbell). Zod's intention was obvious: he wanted to eliminate a potential political rival.

With Brainiac out of the way, General Zod is free to follow through on his plan to take over Krypton. The character is shown making a speech to the people of Krypton, telling everyone his plans for the planet's future. Zod can finally get the imperialistic society he always wanted. Now that Krypton is finally aware of the existence of alien life, Zod can lead them in branching out, exploring, and conquering new civilizations. He ends his speech with his trademark line: "Kneel before Zod". The scene is effective in setting up Zod as the main antagonist of season 2.

General Zod has both Dev-Em (Aaron Pierre) and Lyta on his side, but not everyone seems willing to accept Zod as their new leader. Based on the finale's closing scenes, the resistance will be made up of Jax-Ur, Nyssa, and Val-El.

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