Krypton TV Show Gets a March Premiere Date & New Synopsis

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Syfy has officially confirmed that DC's Krypton series will premiere in March 2018. They've also released a new synopsis that promises a terrifying threat for the Man of Steel.

The success of Gotham has proved that an inventive prequel series can work wonders. Syfy's Krypton promises to be one of the most unique superhero shows on offer. On the one hand, it's a prequel that explores Kryptonian culture. On the other, it's a time-travel story in which Superman's enemies attempt to erase him from history.

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KryptonSite reached out to Syfy, and has officially been told that the series will premiere in March 2018. They've also received an all-new synopsis:

"Set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet, KRYPTON follows Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the legendary Man of Steel’s grandfather — whose House of El was ostracized and shamed. With Krypton’s leadership in disarray, Seg-El encounters Earthly time-traveler Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) who warns he’s under the clock to save his beloved world from chaos. Fighting to redeem his family’s honor and protect the ones he loves, Seg is also faced with a life and death conflict – save his home planet or let it be destroyed in order to restore the fate of his future grandson."

Krypton explodes, Superman and Brainiac

It's not often supervillains try to save the world. In this case, of course, Adam Strange has traveled back to Krypton's past. He brings knowledge that could well prevent Krypton's destruction. But if Seg-El takes that information seriously, if he acts on Strange's warning, Earth will never have a Superman. It's a superb plan, one that promises to give us classic superheroes and supervillains in an all-new context.

Adam Strange is only the first time-traveler to appear in Krypton's past. Blake Ritson will be playing the main villain, Brainiac, the mastermind behind this incredible strategy. Intriguingly, in some DC comics Brainiac is actually responsible for Krypton's destruction. It's going to be fascinating to see how this plays out.

All this will be set against Krypton's rich cultural history. The series will feature a romance between Cameron Cuffe's Seg-El and Georgina Campbell's Lyta Zod. Kryptonian society appears to be caste-based, one in which the science caste (House El) and the military cast (House Zod) vie for power. The romance between Seg-El and Lyta Zod is a secret tryst, one that could easily destabilize the whole balance of power on Krypton. Brainiac and his allies have emerged in a time when Krypton's future will be decided. There's everything to play for, and if they get their way, baby Kal-El will never be sent to Earth.

Krypton promises to be one of the most inventive superhero shows to date. It toys with so many concepts and ideas; time travel and classic supervillains are set against a rich cultural tapestry. But how will it all play out? It looks as though we'll find out next year.

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Krypton will premiere on Syfy in March 2018.

Source: KryptonSite

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