Krypton Gets a March 21 Premiere Date & New House of El Image

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The Krypton TV show on Syfy gets a March 21 premiere date, along with a new House of El image that depicts Superman's ancestors. David S. Goyer has spent years working on superhero movies and TV shows, but it's still taken some time for his TV series Krypton to take off. This year has been filled with progress for the show, however, with the cast coming together and a new teaser for Krypton having arrived just this month. It also turns out the show won't be quite as removed from Superman's world as previously thought.

Set when Superman's grandfather Seg-El (Seyg-El in the comics) is a young adult, Krypton will see his house in ruin and his planet on the verge of chaos. But while Kal-El won't be appearing on the show, figures from his time in the comics will be included. Brainiac and Doomsday will appear on Krypton, bringing some familiar villains to the show. Similarly, the synopsis for Krypton reveals that Adam Strange will play a big role - and the fate of Superman may even hang in the balance.

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Syfy has announced that Krypton will premiere March 21, 2018. Along with the news, the network also released an image showing Seg-El's grandfather in a costume quite reminiscent of Superman's. You can check out the photo, below:

Seg's grandfather Val-El will be played by Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney, while his mother Charys-El (behind Val) will be played by Caprica's Paula Malcomson. The actor playing his father has yet to be revealed, but that's likely who's standing along with the family (including what appears to be a young Seg). The House of El has fallen into disrepute when the show picks up, so this scene certainly doesn't bode well - given the tension in the room and the guards behind the family.

Krypton seems to be designed to involve layers of drama and intrigue, as the fall of the House of El and Adam Strange's prophecy won't be the only issues faced by Seg. He'll also be in a relationship with a Zod, something his family doesn't seem thrilled about. What's more, the science-minded House of El will square off against Krypton's religious zealots in the series. While the show won't include the Man of Steel, the exploration of Superman's family and planet could prove enticing if handled correctly.

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Krypton premieres March 21, 2018 on Syfy

Source: Syfy

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