Syfy Casts Lobo Actor for Krypton Season 2

Emmett J. Scanlan is joining Krypton as Lobo. Syfy dove into the superhero TV show frenzy recently with the Superman prequel series Krypton. The series focuses on the Man of Steel's grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and the inner-workings of Krypton. The show had a successful first season, which allowed Syfy to bring it back for a second season. Details on what it coming next have been hard to come by, but the season finale did set up the show for a big future with Zod and Doomsday.

During the development of the second season, though, the big tease for what is coming next pertains to the addition of DC villain Lobo. The producers announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Lobo would be introduced in season 2, but no actor had yet been cast in the role.

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THR has revealed who will get to play Lobo in season 2 of Krypton. Emmett J. Scanlan is joining the cast of the show as the Main Man himself. There's no word on what brings the bounty hunter to Krypton at this point in time. Scanlan has a long career in TV with shows like Hollyoaks and The Fall. But, he's also no stranger to superhero properties. He had a small role in Guardians of the Galaxy and appeared twice in Constantine. Now, he'll get a much bigger character to make his own.

Lobo is the last known Czarnian in all of the universe in traditional DC comics lore. He first debuted in Omega Men #3 in 1983 when he was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen. He didn't get much attention initially, before he was redesigned in the 90s as a space biker. The new interpretation of Lobo helped him become the beloved anti-hero he is today for DC fans.

Thanks to this unique sense of comedy and violent tendencies - not to mention his eye-catching look - Lobo has left an impression on DC fans for years, but this will be his first appearance in a live-action setting. Scanlan has the physical tools to step onto Krypton's set and bring the physically imposing mercenary to the screen. It remains to be seen just how much of Lobo the show will feature next or in what capacity he will be used. Krypton's showrunner Cameron Welsh previously explained why they wanted to bring Lobo to the series, noting the grounded approach they'll bring while staying true to who he is. We'll have to wait until season 2 returns to see how successful they are in achieving this goal, but at least Krypton finally has its Lobo.

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Krypton season 2 will air on Syfy sometime in 2019.

Source: THR

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