Krypton Images & Promo Introduce Superman’s Cape

A new batch of images and a teaser have arrived for Syfy's Superman prequel Krypton, showing off the costumes, characters, and Fortress of Solitude. Next month, a new look at the history of Superman will be revealed when Krypton premieres. With the pedigree of most of Syfy's original series so far, fans have high-hopes that the prequel will do the mythos of the Man of Steel justice. And with David S. Goyer behind the project, things are looking good—especially given he's got a seven year plan for Krypton.

Of course, the first season of the show will have to do well. We recently saw a new poster for Krypton teasing the larger mystery that will unfold in the series. The many trailers and teasers we've seen for the show so far also hint at the turmoil that will beset the planet long before it's destroyed and Kal-El is sent to Earth. From Brainiac and Doomsday to a religious cult, things will be dire on the series when time-traveler Adam Strange shows up to warn Superman's grandfather about the future. Now, we have a new look at the scope and design of the show.

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Syfy has released a brief new teaser for Krypton, hinting at the future Superman's grandfather Seg-El will need to protect. Meanwhile, Den of Geek has a batch of exclusive images from Krypton that highlight most of the core characters and give us a better look at the original Fortress of Solitude. Check them out in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Krypton TV Show Images" id="1174788"]

The photos give us a much better look at the costumes for the show, including how the House of El sigil will be worked into things. Though Superman may not be appearing on the show, viewers casually channel surfing will certainly be ensnared by the many homages to the Man of Steel that will feature in the series. The new images also provide our best look yet at Lyta Zod, who will be in a forbidden romance with Seg-El. There's also Wallis Day as the mysterious Nyssa Vex, who has so far been absent from the promotional material.

The Fortress of Solitude in Krypton has been part of the recent marketing push for the show, providing yet another way for the series to reference key elements from the comics without having the Man of Steel involved. Of course, it's plain to see new stories will also be told as characters and concepts readers won't be familiar with are explored.

DC also isn't content with just one Superman show. As part of their new digital service, DC announced the Superman prequel Metropolis. As the name implies, the show will function like Gotham and explore the titular city before its savior arrives. Specifically, it will focus on Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. Alongside Supergirl, it looks as if DC TV won't be leaving any aspect of Superman's life unexplored.

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Krypton premieres March 21 on Syfy.

Sources: Syfy and Den of Geek

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