Krypton Canceled After Season 2 By SYFY, Lobo Spinoff Not Moving Forward

Emmett J. Scanlan in Krypton Season 2

SYFY has canceled Krypton shortly after airing its season 2 finale. The Superman prequel series was a big hit for the genre-oriented cable network, with the series premiere posting some of the cabler's biggest ratings in years. The series was also largely well received by audiences and critics alike, earning praise for its ability to overcome problems typically associated with prequel stories, and for its strong cast, which included Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Blake Ritson, Ian McElhinney, and Colin Salmon, as inhabitants of the doomed planet that would one day be the home of the universe’s greatest hero. 

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Krypton was also on the verge of spinning out its own expanded universe, as earlier this year it was announced SYFY was actively developing a Lobo spinoff that would have starred Emmett J. Scanlan’s version of the intergalactic bounty hunter introduced in season 2. Lobo was one of many DC Comics characters inhabiting the series, either by virtue of their own longevity or the magic of time travel as Krypton also played host to Braniac (Ritson), an out-of-time General Zod (Salmon), Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), and the killer of the big red S himself, Doomsday. However, it would seem having major players in Kal-El’s rogue’s gallery wasn’t enough to earn the series a third season or its planned spinoff a chance at ever airing. 

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Though the series was a big winner for SYFY in season 1, it seems Krypton saw a drastic drop in viewership in season 2. As reported by Deadline, the series’ live+same day ratings plunged roughly 50 percent, leaving SYFY with an expensive show that most audiences were reportedly watching via streaming platforms. As Deadline notes, Krypton’s fate is similar to that of The Expanse, which was axed from the network after three seasons, only to be resurrected by Amazon where it has already been renewed for a fifth season. 

Georgina Campbell Colin Salmon and Cameron Cuffe in Krypton Season 2

The news of Krypton’s cancelation has already sparked an inevitable save-our-show campaign on social media, with fans getting #SaveKrypton trending. As expected, the show’s producers have already suggested they’re searching for another home for Krypton, which could be something of a hard sell given the show’s cost. 

However, Krypton may have a chance at being saved by the very thing that ostensibly sealed its fate at SYFY. The series’ first season is already available to stream by DC Universe subscribers, and season 2 is expected to be made available soon. If there’s hope for Krypton, it may be with that service or WarnerMedia’s upcoming HBO Max, which will also include DC Universe. That would make the most sense, as it would place the WarnerMedia-owned property within its upcoming streaming option, shoring up the company’s properties and making HBO Max even more attractive to consumers. Time will tell if Krypton will be saved or not. 

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Krypton season 1 is available to stream on DC Universe.

Source: Deadline

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