Krypton Star Confirms He Mimicked Henry Cavill Reloading His Fists

Henry Cavill as Superman and Krypton

Cameron Cuffe confirms that he was mimicking Henry Cavill's fist-reloading scene in Mission: Impossible - Fallout in Krypton. The actor plays Seg-El, the grandfather of Kal-El in the prequel show tackling the eponymous planet which debuted in 2018. It's set 200 years before the birth of Superman and the eventual destruction of their home that led to the iconic DC hero's arrival in Earth and life as Clark Kent.

Despite the relation between Kal-El and Seg-El, Cuffe isn't canonically related to Cavill's Man of Steel. Krypton is set in an entirely different universe than the DCEU, therefore. This doesn't stop Cuffe, however, from paying homage to Cavill as the he admits to being inspired by the actor's iconic fist reloading move in last year's Fallout.

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Now in its second season, Krypton's latest year is shaping up to be another interesting one. In the most recent episode titled "Ghost in The Fire," Seg-El and Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) are still stuck in Braniac's home world of Colu. Things get more complicated with the arrival of Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan) who traveled to the planet in the hopes of killing Brainiac. But with Brainiac already dead, with his consciousness uploaded to Seg-El, a fight broke out between the two, and in preparation for it, Cuffe executed a similar move that Cavill did in Fallout. The actor recently shared on his official Twitter account that he was in fact, inspired by Cavill to do that. Check out his tweet below:

This isn't the first time that Krypton paid homage to Superman iterations on the big screen. Back in season 1, Cuffe did George Reeves' wink. While this most recent one doesn't have anything to do with Cavill's stint as the Man of Steel, fans appreciate the fact that the Syfy series opted to reference the actor especially at this point. Cavill's last outing as the DC hero was all the way back in 2017's Justice League which coincidentally had filming issues with Mission: Impossible - Fallout leading to a poorly CGI-removed mustache for Cavill. No word yet when fans will see Cavill reprise his DCEU role with conflicting reports about his real status as Superman.

Fans loving this subtle nod is testament to how beloved Cavill as an actor is in the DC fan community, and frankly considering what he was able to do with the character in the three times he played the role, it's not difficult to understand why. As of now, there's still no official word whether or not he'll be back as Superman. In conjunction to do that, plans for the character remain bleak. In the meantime, viewers can watch Krypton while waiting for news.

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Source: Cameron Cuffe

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