Krypton Star Cameron Cuffe Responds to Syfy Series Cancellation

Cameron Cuffe in Krypton

Star Cameron Cuffe has taken to social media to address the recent cancelation of Krypton. The DC Comics-inspired show debuted on SYFY in 2018. Despite the heavy dose of skepticism surrounding the premise, the show garnered positive reviews and impressive ratings in its first season. Unfortunately, the numbers dropped significantly across its sophomore outing. As a result, the cable network axed both Krypton and its planned Lobo spinoff directly after the former's season 2 finale.

Set 200 years before the birth of the child that would grow up to be Superman, the show takes place on his titular homeworld. The story followed Seg-El (Cuffe), Superman's grandfather, as he sought to restore honor to the House of El after being deemed traitors by a corrupt regime. As well as this, he was recruited by a man from the future to help solve the mystery of a change to the timeline and Superman's subsequent disappearance. Despite being set as a prequel, the show featured numerous classic Superman villains, including General Zod, Brainiac, and even Doomsday. Equally, as time went on, the show became more and more faithful to the tone of the source material.

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Despite that, and numerous cliffhangers and set-ups for season 3, the future of Krypton seems as ill-fated as the eponymous planet itself. Having previously remained silent on the news, Cuffe took to Twitter to finally address the cancellation. While it would be understandable to have responded to the news with the utmost disappointment and sadness, the actor instead opted to remain positive and grateful for the opportunity. Declaring himself an eternal "proud son of Krypton", he even concluded his post with a statement of which even Superman himself would've been proud. Check out his full post below:

The world of DC comics will continue on the small screen, however. Arrow is set to return for its eighth and final season later in the year, alongside such returning Arrowverse spinoffs as The Flash and Supergirl. After the character made her debut in last year's Elseworlds crossover, the role of Kate Kane will be reprised by Ruby Rose in the highly-anticipated Batwoman series. Each of the show's upcoming seasons have already been confirmed to be crossing over again - this time to adapt Marv Wolfman's seminal Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Over on the DC Universe streaming service, Titans' season 2 premiere was previously confirmed for September. The sophomore season will see both Deathstroke and Bruce Wayne introduced. A follow-up outing for Doom Patrol has also been announced.

That will be of little solace to the cast, crew, and fans of Krypton, however. The Superman prequel has joined a wave of SYFY shows that have been cut short in recent months, including Deadly Class and Happy! Their departures will no doubt be used to pave the way for such new shows as a Child's Play adaptation and Resident Alien. In the meantime, though, with the news still fresh, fans will most likely have taken Cuffe's hopeful words to heart. As such, the social media campaign to save Krypton and, in a move befitting the House of El, find the show a new home, will continue to roll on.

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