Krypton: 10 Things We Want In Season 3

Last year, SYFY joined in on the DC TV adventures with their Superman prequel series Krypton, telling the story of Kal-El’s home planet. Following the Man of Steel’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the series has been playing with the DC Universe in a unique way thanks to the time travel element that affects Superman’s existence. Even if you know how the story of Krypton ends in the comics, don’t be so sure when it comes to the SYFY drama.

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The second season just wrapped as Seg and his friends dealt with General Zod’s (Colin Salmon) tyranny which came with its many twists and surprises. However, the last minutes of the finale made it clear that fans are in for a game-changing third season. While the series has yet to be officially renewed for season three, we hope to hear from SYFY fairly soon. With that said, these are the ten things we want in Krypton’s third season.

Disclaimer: this includes major spoilers from the season two finale “The Alpha and the Omega.”

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10 Nightwing and Flamebird

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that season two would introduce the Kryptonian versions of Nightwing and Flamebird from the comics. Aside from mentioning Flamebird earlier this season, the characters never made their debut at the end. That’s completely understandable given how packed this season already was. However, maybe season three can be used to introduce the duo at last as the show continues to flesh out its universe.

9 General Zod’s Return

Season two was all about stopping General Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) which wasn’t an easy one, to say the least. While he doesn’t get killed off, Dru does get one heck of punishment as our heroes attach the Black Mercy to him, trapping the General inside his own mind. He may have been stopped for now but eventually, this iconic Superman foe has to get free. This version of Zod is so compelling to watch, thanks to Salmon’s powerful performance that we need to see him again down the line, preferably somewhere in season three.

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8 Thanagarians

One of the finale’s major cliffhangers is where we find Nyssa (Wallis Day) as she discovers Darkseid’s Omega symbol in blood on a wall while she tries to find baby Jor-El. But it doesn’t stop there as she then sees people with wings flying in the sky, leaving fans wondering where the Zeta-Beam actually took her.

It’s possible that Nyssa landed on Thanagar, the homeworld of Thanagarian characters like Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Initially, Hawkwoman was set to appear in the first season, but those plans changed. Season three would be the perfect season to introduce Thanagar and at least one of the famous Hawks, preferably Hawkwoman.

7 Exploring Other Kryptonian Cities


One of the most exciting aspects with Krypton early on was the prospects of exploring the planet in depth. While we have mostly been following the story from Kandor, there is still a lot of Krypton that has yet to be touched upon. What does society look like in other cities on this planet? Even though we saw Kryptonopolis, it was just in a Black Mercy hallucination. Hopefully, season three can explore that city in-depth as well other Kryptonian cities like Argo City, Xan City, and Vathlo Island, to name a few.

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6 New DC Character Introduction as Spin-Off Potential

One of the fun things in the recent season was the arrival of Emmett J. Scanlan as the DC bounty hunter Lobo. But even before the new season premiered, SYFY announced the early developments of a Lobo spin-off from Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh. With Lobo’s solid introduction in the season, while showcasing his potential spin-off, we’re beginning to see the birth of a Kryptonverse similarly to the Arrowverse.

If it can happen organically, it’d be fun to see the next season bring in another DC character that could potentially lead a spin-off series. The Lobo method was the perfect way to do it where you would get enough doses of him without the season becoming too much about him.

5 Introduction to Oa

While Krypton is prominently about the story of the planet, the series has made it clear that it will tap into other cosmic corners of the DC Universe and explore other alien races. One of the worlds that Krypton should introduce in its next season is Oa, the home planet of the Guardians of the Universe and HQ for the Green Lantern Corps. With the ability to explore the depth of the Guardians as well as other Green Lanterns that came before Hal Jordan and the others, seeing Oa sooner rather than later would be amazing.

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4 Visiting the Present

Given the time travel element that Krypton plays with, it’s only a matter of time before we do visit the present where Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) comes from. What does the DC Universe look like in Krypton with Superman’s existence being up in the air? Aren’t people in Adam’s life noticing that he has gone missing? Questions like that will need to eventually be answered which is why a visit to the present would be interesting.

3 More Female Characters

One of the strongest elements of Krypton since the series premiere is the strong women, without a doubt. From Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day), Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell), Jayna-Zod (Ann Ogbomo) to Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham), these characters have helped flesh out the larger story of the series in so many good ways. But there’s always room for more girl power and that’s something the third season should do. Introducing more female characters would also be a way to incorporate more LGBT representation for the Kryptonian society.

2 Adam Strange’s Mythology

The season was a game-changer for Adam as he was on his own journey towards heroism. After two seasons of waiting, fans finally got to see Adam don his classic costume from the comics, but with a twist. No longer being able to walk, Adam gets the suit by Val-El (Ian McElhinney) which allows him to walk. Season three needs to be the year where the show goes even deeper into Adam’s own mythology, including his connection to Rann.

1 Seg under a Yellow Sun

The finale ends with Brainiac (Blake Ritson) taking baby Jor-El to Earth in order to raise him as a “God amongst men.” All that we can take away from the finale is that Seg, with Lobo’s help, will go after Brainiac and get his son back. If we had to guess, a grown-up Jor-El, shaped into a villain thanks to Brainiac, will show up in Seg’s time period and be one of the main threats in season three.

Theoretically, if a showdown between the two Els were to happen, how about in a setting with a yellow sun? Who wouldn’t love to see Seg have the same powers as his future grandson? Only time will tell what the story between Seg and Jor-El will be in the next season, but one thing is for sure: Seg getting to experience super-powers needs to happen as soon as possible.

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