Kristen Bell Shares First Look at Veronica Mars Revival Script

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell shared an image of the Veronica Mars revival script on social media, indicating that production on the new season is well underway. The star of the popular sleuthing series teased the beginning of the show's production with a look at the script, the title for the first episode, and even the script's first lines.

Originally airing for three seasons on UPN between 2004 and 2007, Kristen Bell starred as the eponymous teenage detective who had a tendency to solve cases that the police couldn't. After its cancellation, the series' dedicated fanbase prompted enthusiasm for a follow-up film to hopefully wrap up the unresolved plot. As it so happened, a successful Kickstarter campaign ultimately led to the 2014 Veronica Mars film, and the ongoing support and interest in the series recently led to the announcement of an eight-episode limited revival series from Hulu bringing back the show's original cast and crew. Now, barely a month since it was announced, the official shooting script has finally been revealed.

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To stir up excitement for the show's summer 2019 debut, Bell shared a two-image Instagram post on her official social media account, with a caption that reads, "THINGS ARE HAPPENING TODAY! AND ITS ALL FOR YOU MY LOVELY MARSHMALLOWS! #veronicamars." The first image is a cover sheet of the first episode's script, including the title of the series, as well as the first episode title: "Spring Break Forever." The script also includes a writing credit for the show's original creator Rob Thomas and a directing credit for Michael Lehmann (Heathers, Scream Queens).

The second image in the post offers a sneak peak at the first page of the script. Though the details of the first few lines are difficult to make out given the misaligned crop of the photo, it's clear that Veronica appears to be outside of a mansion, attempting to make a call at the entrance's call box. However, this is the extent of the details included in Bell's post. As for the title of the episode, the Spring Break theme had already been established when the revival was announced, with Veronica investigating the murders of tourists in Neptune, California celebrating Spring Break.

With the return of series favorites in the upcoming revival, an overall aesthetic that is decidedly more "adult" than previous seasons, and the benefit of being released on Hulu, this updated take on Veronica Mars has potential to attract an even larger audience than ever before. Also, given Bell's evident passion surrounding the project, it's clear that the series' behind-the-scenes energy can just as easily rival the energy of the show's devoted fans.

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