Spider-Man Villain Kraven Is Joe Manganiello's Dream Marvel Role

Joe Manganiello wants to play Kraven the Hunter

Joe Manganiello reveals his dream Marvel role is as Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter, especially in a "Kraven's Last Hunt" movie adaptation. Ever since Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios struck a deal that brought Peter Parker (Tom Holland) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been treated to a new Spider-Man. But Sony, who holds the movie rights to hundreds of Spider-Man characters, is developing movies based on heroes and villains other than the wall-crawler. The first of these was Tom Hardy's Venom movie, while Jared Leto is starring in Morbius the Living Vampire. Additionally, a solo Kraven movie is in the works.

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The most recent update on Sony's Kraven movie came from its screenwriter, Richard Wenk (The Equalizer), who revealed it would adapt the Spider-Man story "Kraven's Last Hunt." However, it's unclear whether Sony's Kraven movie will include Spider-Man, and if not, who Kraven would hunt other than Peter Parker. To make matters more uncertain, Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts has said he'd love to have Kraven as the villain in Spider-Man 3, though it's also unclear how likely that is considering Sony's separate movie. In any case, one particular actor would love a chance to suit up as Kraven the Hunter in live-action.

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While on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast, Manganiello spotlighted "Kraven's Last Hunt" as one his favorite comic book storylines of all time. When asked about the Kraven solo movie being kept separate from the MCU, Manganiello responded, "Well you have to have him crossover at some point because 'Kraven’s Last Hunt' is too good a piece of material to [pass up]." Then, on whether he'd like to play Kraven in a live-action movie, Manganiello said, "You kidding me? That would be a dream role."

Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man Comic

Many Marvel Comics fans would no doubt agree with Manganiello that "Kraven's Last Hunt" is one of the publisher's best storylines - or, at the very least, one of Spider-Man's best stories. As such, they're likely also in agreement that Marvel and/or Sony need to adapt "Kraven's Last Hunt" sooner or later. Considering his previous roles, Manganiello has proven he has the chops to pull off a live-action Kraven, and could certainly lead his own comic book movie (fans are still waiting for his Deathstroke to a get a proper DCEU movie role, after all). Plus, Manganiello even has experience appearing in a movie alongside Spidey, having had a supporting role as Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

But with that said, it's unclear what will become of Kraven in live-action, whether he will actually lead his own movie or if he'll be incorporated into the MCU as part of Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man movies. Those who want to see an adaptation of "Kraven's Last Hunt" would likely prefer the latter, though given Marvel Studios' track record of changing the comic storylines for their films, perhaps a solo Kraven move would have a better chance at sticking closer to the source material. For now, fans will have to wait and see what becomes of Kraven the Hunter in live-action film, but at least Sony and Marvel already have a name to consider for the role in Manganiello.

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Source: Lights Camera Barstool

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