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2017's Kong: Skull Island brings the iconic movie monster first introduced in 1933's King Kong back to the big screen, for a reboot in which director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will reveal the angry monster early and often. The film is set in the 1970s, following a team of explorers sent on a mission to the island, which teems with forgotten, dangerous life.

The teaser trailer for Kong: Skull Island which debuted at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con gave us glimpses of the big guy, and we got our first good look at Kong just a couple of days ago. The next full-length trailer will debut next week, and the throwback vibe of the trailer teaser reflects the Skull Island poster that debuted during New York Comic-Con in October.

That poster included references to the secret scientific organization MONARCH, which was introduced in the 2014 Godzilla reboot, linking the films and further stoking fan excitement to see two iconic movie monster franchises share one cinematic universe. Now, two new Kong: Skull Island viral marketing clips - via MONARCH's Twitter feed - give us more MONARCH connections. The first clip gives us a cryptic radio transmission, while the second clip comes in the form of an old-fashioned incoming telex. Take a look:



ACCESS: Phonetic Open Code

— [MONARCH] (@MonarchSciences) November 12, 2016



ACCESS: Letter 3. Scramble Key Charlie.

— [MONARCH] (@MonarchSciences) November 11, 2016

In the first clip, the word spelled out via the military-style phonetic is "SKYDEVILS." Fans who reply to the tweet are directed to the film's interactive marketing site Meanwhile in the second clip, the word scramble spells out "DESTINATION ACQUIRED - SKULL ISLAND," and fans are again led to the same website, which features an aerial map of the island (with a thermal display) and folders with password-protected "encrypted data."

Fans shouldn't expect any of the movie's twists and secrets to be given away by whatever goodies can be gleaned from the viral site. These marketing clips are just a fun way to keep the likely audience engaged, while also reminding us about MONARCH, and that our modern Godzilla incarnation will eventually share the same screen with a new version of King Kong.

That alone is enough to get people's attention, not to mention a cast which includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins and John Goodman, who plays MONARCH operative William Randa, a character who had previously referenced a beat that sounds a lot like Godzilla. Pushing the MONARCH connections out via the viral marketing could be a hint that we might see the original Lizard King sooner than we think... but there is no reason to get excited just yet. Mentioned in passing to pump up Godzilla fans sounds more likely.

Source: Twitter

Key Release Dates
  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) release date: Mar 10, 2017
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) release date: May 31, 2019
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