Kong: Skull Island Trailer Preview - King Kong Smash!

Tom Hiddleston And Brie Larson In Kong: Skull Island

The newest King Kong reboot, dubbed Kong: Skull Island, will carry on the traditions that made the 1933 original a classic and Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake a success. It will explore the origins of the mythical beast and one fearless crew’s treacherous journey to discover him on the titular island. But of course, it will also explore a giant ape smashing things and wreaking havoc for those who dare to invade his home.

Especially considering that King Kong and the recently rebooted version of Godzilla are on a collision course for Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020, there was no doubt that this modernized take on Kong and Skull Island would feature plenty of action. The Comic-Con trailer teased the explosive sequences to come that involve helicopters and flame throwers, but barely gave a glimpse at Kong himself. With the film's second trailer slated to arrive this week, that is expected to change quickly.

There have been first-look images of King Kong, but there has barely been any shots of the gargantuan ape in action, until now. The movie’s Twitter account posted previews of the first official trailer on Sunday and Monday, giving a brief glimpse of an epic battle between Kong and a fleet of helicopters. If the previews are any indication, the copters - and the hapless humans inside - don’t stand much of a chance against the 100-foot-tall (and then some) monster.

There’s nowhere to hide. Two days. #kongskullisland

— Kong: Skull Island (@kongskullisland) November 14, 2016

He’s King around here. Three days. #kongskullisland

— Kong: Skull Island (@kongskullisland) November 13, 2016

Monday’s preview depicts Kong with pieces of a helicopter in his hands as he violently smashes them to the ground. Sunday’s preview showed those same helicopters circling around Kong for what almost certainly appears to be a futile fight. The latest clip confirms that the new trailer will be released on Wednesday (at the time of writing this), which leaves room for one more preview to come on Tuesday.

The Comic-Con trailer and preview clips are building Kong: Skull Island up to be a dark yet action-packed take on the classic tale, which would fall in line with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot and the upcoming union of the two franchises. The Monarch corporation, which plays a major role in the new Godzilla, has been referenced in recent marketing materials for Kong: Skull Island as well, so expect plenty of overlap even before the two iconic monsters inevitably clash.

The obvious concern here is that the movie will have too much emphasis on action and not enough on the story or the characters. The original King Kong and Peter Jackson’s remake obviously featured plenty of action and special effects, but they also had a heartbeat. But the clips seen so far have been promising, and the excellent cast of Kong: Skull Island make the new franchise worth following.

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Source: Kong: Skull Island Twitter

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