Kong: Skull Island Clips & IMAX Video Preview Death & Spectacle


Monsters, mayhem, and one big monkey. Since the announcement of Kong: Skull Island, audiences have been promised a spectacle of violence and death, as well as a re-imagining of the classic Kong mythology. From news of a post-credits stinger to several awesome, Apocalypse Now inspired posters, Kong hype has dominated the month of February and Warner Bros is seeking to continue that up until the film's release in early March.

Now, Warner Bros continues to hype Kong: Skull Island ahead of its early March release date with a series of new clips and a featurette.

Today, ComingSoon released three new clips from the film, while IMAX debuted a video highlighting why the film should be watched in its format [above]. The three clips [below] don't give much away about the action sequences, but they do build up a sense of mystery and tension, as well as tease Kong's big introduction.

The best clip might be the introduction of Kong. The short scene really sets up a sense of wonder and horror, as well as a mounting sense of doom. After all, we know that many of these characters will not make it off the island alive. Even knowing that, watching the helicopters circle the enormous King of Skull Island is an almost giddy sight for monster movie fans.

The other clips also showcase the excellent supporting cast of the film. With John C. Reilly, John Goodman, and Samuel L. Jackson rounding out the ensemble, this might be the strongest cast in a Kong film yet. Reilly seems particularly delightful as the manic Lt. Marlow, who has been living on Skull Island for quite some time. As our entry point into the world of Kong, Reilly will no doubt provide some much needed comic relief throughout the film, preventing it from becoming too dour, a major complaint about Warner Bros's Godzilla remake.


Jackson and Goodman's already antagonistic relationship will no doubt also be one of the film's stronger points as well. The trailers have already promised a stand-off between the two men as Jackson focuses on getting revenge for the men Kong has killed and Goodman seeks proof of Kong's existence to take back to the mainland. Both men are two of the strongest character actors working today, and should provide strong performances in this film as well.

With the promise of a Godzilla-sized post-credits stinger and more monster mayhem then we've seen in a while, Kong: Skull Island looks to be the rebirth of the monster movie movement. Even if the film turns out to be less than stellar, it looks to be a lot of fun to watch, and in the end isn't that all we really want out of a film starring King Kong?


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Source: IMAX, ComingSoon

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  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) release date: Mar 10, 2017
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