Kong: Skull Island Full Synopsis Declares War on Kong

Kong Skull Island Trailer

Some fans raised an eyebrow when Warner Bros. announced Kong: Skull Island, largely because the King Kong mythos had so recently been re-explored by Peter Jackson in 2005. But Kong has been rebooted many times, and while Jackson's iteration focused on the world of the 1933 original, this new iteration is, at least stylistically, set to reimagine the 1976 reboot. This serves multiple purposes: allowing a continuation of a franchise whose first chapter had a definitive end, allowing a distinctly different tone, but most importantly providing a Kong big enough to tussle with Godzilla in an upcoming VS movie.

As new trailers and TV spots (like the new one above) have gradually been released into the wild, the appeal of Skull Island has slowly come into focus. The film appears to be high on fun, featuring high-octane survival action and even a comedic edge from John C. Reilly's character.

Now Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released an official synopsis for the film, and while it doesn't reveal many new details, it's focus is revealing.

The year is 1973. Somewhere in our world, it is said that there exists a wondrous island unspoiled by man – a land shrouded in mystery, where myth runs wild. Uncharted and undiscovered. When the secretive organization known as Monarch identify this destination as the origin point for mysterious new superspecies, they mount an expedition to discover its secrets. What they find on Skull Island is an adventure beyond any human experience. An exotic paradise of wonders and terrors, where flora and fauna have fused together into an Eden of otherworldly jungle creatures.

Kong Skull Island Trailer

As one group fights to escape and the other declares war on Kong, we discover that the mighty primate is at the center of a battle for dominion over the island, locked into a ‘survival of the fittest’ face-off with the terrifying apex predators responsible for wiping out his kin. Driven by vengeance, Kong will become nature’s fury, and fight to take his rightful place upon the throne of most powerful beast on the island, revealing the story of how Kong became King.

Considering  Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers), Brie Larson (Room), Samuel L. Jackson (The Hateful Eight), and John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Lane) all have prominent roles in the film, it's interesting that the synopsis focuses primarily on the struggle of Kong. This suggests that, rather than using the beast as a force of nature that the protagonists come into contact with, it seems likely that the film will focus on Kong as the protagonist.

Are you excited to see the legend of Kong re-explored in Skull Island? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for more updates on the film as they hit.

Source: WB/Legendary

Key Release Dates
  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) release date: Mar 10, 2017
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