Kong: Skull Island Director Teases Debut of Next Project

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts just hinted at his next project, which sounds quite different from a movie about a giant ape. Vogt-Roberts delivered a fast-paced, action-packed take on King Kong with Skull Island, which was a box office success with over $566 million worldwide. The director proved his potential for breathtaking spectacles after making the jump from TV to movies and is now moving forward with as director of the upcoming adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid video game series.

Though Vogt-Roberts is working on bringing Metal Gear Solid to life for his next big-screen project, the director is ready to release something new. Based on what he said his next release will involve, its identity remains somewhat mysterious - but it's on the verge of being released.

Vogt-Roberts announced via his Twitter account in the early hours of Saturday that he plans to release his next project sometime next week, and that it will involve the city of Detroit, video games, and science fiction - some of his "favorite things". He calls the new release "the first thing I've directed since Kong" - which means it's likely something unrelated to the Metal Gear Solid movie, despite the many responses referencing the upcoming video game adaptation.

Next week you'll see the first thing I've directed since Kong. I'm excited. It involves my favorite things: video games, detroit & sci fi.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) August 26, 2017

Since Metal Gear Solid is still very early in production - and still needs to find its star - it's more likely that Vogt-Roberts is hinting at something he directed for an upcoming video game. It's possible that Vogt-Roberts helmed some kind of preview for Sony's upcoming PS4 game Detroit: Become Human, which takes place in the titular city and involves many android characters. Detroit: Become Human, due out in 2018, is written and directed by developer David Cage - but Vogt-Roberts may have directed his own preview involving live-action.

Vogt-Roberts could also be hinting at a new game based on the famously Detroit-set RoboCop franchise. But at this point, considering the reveal appears to be related to a completed project of some sort, something related to Detroit: Become Human remains a much more likely possibility for the director if next week's release does not end up being a surprisingly early teaser for Metal Gear Solid. Whatever Vogt-Roberts is releasing, it has a chance to continue to show his flair for action and visuals - and possibly what he's capable of in the future.

Ultimately, longtime fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise may be disappointed if Vogt-Roberts' new project isn't related to the adaptation. But it's unrealistic at this point to believe something is imminent for his next movie. Still, fans of Kong: Skull Island will certainly check out what Vogt-Roberts has in store next.

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