'King Kong' Prequel Takes Us Back to Skull Island

You know what I like in a movie? Giant apes fighting giant dinosaurs. Which is why I was excited to hear the 2004 novel Kong: King of Skull Island has been optioned for production by Spirit Pictures. The film will be produced using CGI and motion capture technology similar to the kind used in Robert Zemeckis' upcoming version of A Christmas Carol.

A sort of prequel/sequel to the King Kong story we all know and love, King of Skull Island flips back and forth between the primordial history of Skull Island and a modern story involving Jack Driscoll (played by Adrian Brody in Peter Jackson's King Kong) and Vincent Denham, the son of Carl Denham (played by Jack Black). The pair return to Skull Island 25 years after the death of King Kong to investigate Carl's disappearance and, according to the book's website, discover "the story behind King Kong and clues to the origins of Skull Island itself."

In my opinion, when you're dealing with a sequel to a classic monster movie, you absolutely must show respect to the original. Which is why I was happy to see Steve Iles of Spirit Pictures acknowledging the 1933 King Kong's original director, Merian C. Cooper.

"We're very concerned with honoring Merian C. Cooper's legacy in Hollywood. We want to make sure that whatever we deliver will honor his memory."

It should be interesting to see how this movie comes together. I'm particularly curious as to how effective Spirit's use of motion capture technology will be in bringing the legendary ape to life. I was floored by the special effects in Peter Jackson's King Kong, but I doubt Spirit will be able to throw a $200 million budget behind their production. What do you think? Would you watch Kong: King of Skull Island? If anyone has read the book, I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments.

There is no writer or director attached to Kong: King of Skull Island at this point.

Source: Variety via Bloody Disgusting

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