Kong Director Wants to Make a Marvel Movie Without Superheroes

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts recently said that he'd like to make a Marvel movie, but one without superheroes. It's certainly an interesting, if very different, idea. While not unprecedented in Marvel Comics series, a superhero-less movie would be an extreme departure from the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the Kong: Skull Island director clearly wants to give himself a unique challenge.

Vogt-Roberts is currently working on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. He wants to make the "craziest, punk rock" adaptation of the game possible, which could wind up with an R rating. The director has apparently been inspired by his work on developing the movie depiction of Solid Snake, who, while highly intelligent and skilled in tactical operations, wouldn't exactly qualify as a superhero. Because Vogt-Roberts says he wants to work with Marvel Studios - just not with superheroes, but regular people.

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As he said via his Twitter account on Friday, Vogt-Roberts says he wants to direct "a Marvel movie that features no superheroes." He described his idea for a premise as "an absurdist dramedy" about "a group of random humans" who have to grapple with the fact that "magic and aliens exist." Such an idea would almost certainly have to exist as a standalone film separate from the MCU, which is filled with actual superheroes in all of the movies and most of its TV programming. Check out the idea, in his own words, below:

I want to direct a Marvel movie that features no superheroes. It would be an absurdist dramedy that follows a group of random humans who deal with that magic and aliens exist.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts (@VogtRoberts) March 23, 2018

Vogt-Roberts is breaking into Hollywood through action movies like Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid. But he has yet to try his hand as a director in full-fledged comedy or drama movie. He directed the independent coming-of-age tale The Kings of Summer in 2013 and also helmed several episodes of comedy series like You're The Worst and Funny or Die Presents.

Though Vogt-Roberts' idea sounds like uncharted territory for Marvel Studios, it's similar to some of its comic properties. One adaptation that could work under his premise is Damage Control, the limited comic series based on the company of the same name that dealt with the aftermath of widespread damage caused by superhero battles. The company was introduced in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a Tony Stark property. Likewise, his "random humans" scenario would work as an adaptation of the acclaimed Marvels comic series from 1994, which follows photographer Phil Sheldon and retells famous superhero events from his perspective.

Despite the existence of those stories in comic form, there's already been a similar setup in a recent TV show - based on DC. Vogt-Roberts could be describing, essentially, the Marvel version of the short-lived TV series Powerless, which followed employees at Wayne Security (a division of Wayne Enterprises) that developed products designed to protect everyday humans from the dangers of the superhero fights taking place around them. And even if Vogt-Roberts ended up following through on his idea, the trick would be to make something that truly has no superheroes, but does feature "magic and aliens". But until then, he needs to make sure Metal Gear Solid gets made and has similar success to Kong: Skull Island. Such a premise may not excite a ton of fans of the MCU, but it certainly would interest those who enjoy Damage Control or Marvels.

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Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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