The Kominsky Method Trailer: Michael Douglas & Alan Arkin Are Old, Old Friends

Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in The Kominsky Method

The full trailer for The Kominsky Method shows Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin as a pair of old friends who are doing their best to grow old gracefully. The series, from creator Chuck Lorre, who has graced television with the likes of The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Mom, and many other (successful) shows, is bringing his comedy sensibilities to Netflix with the decidedly not CBS-friendly series starring a pair of Academy Award winners playing a couple of guys entering the twilight of their years. 

As far as pedigrees are concerned, The Kominsky Method has most other comedies beat. Not only are Douglas and Arkin a huge get for a new television series, but the show also has a killer supporting cast that includes Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing), Susan Sullivan (Castle), Sarah Baker (A Simple Favor), and Lisa Edlestein (House). The latter two play Douglas and Arkin’s daughters, respectively, who will hopefully offer some insight into who these two men are that goes beyond their struggles with getting older. 

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Though it could be morbid, the trailer certainly makes it look as though The Kominsky Method has more to offer than a series of one-note jokes about aging. Instead, the series seems to be more focused on the friendship between its two leads, Sandy (Douglas) and Norman (Arkin), and how they support one another in a way no one else can. Check out the full trailer below: 

Douglas and Arkin have a tremendous amount of experience to draw from, and it appears they’re quite adept at balancing the comedic aspects with the more dramatic side of things. It will be interesting to see how Lorre’s sensibilities (he directed the pilot and will write along with Al Higgins and David Javerbaum) translate to a single camera comedy with fewer content restrictions than he’s used to at CBS. 

Mostly, though, the new series looks to be a welcome addition to the line-up of comedies on Netflix. The recent addition of The Good Cop didn’t make much of an impression despite a solid performance from Tony Danza, so with any luck, bringing in two big hitters and a strong supporting cast will make The Kominsky Method the next binge-worthy streaming sitcom. 

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The Kominsky Method will stream on Netflix starting Friday, November 16.

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