'Knock Knock' Trailer #2: Keanu Reeves Is In (Stranger) Danger

Keanu Reeves generally plays the badass who has no problem bringing the fight to the bad guys and making them pay - whether he's a cop fighting bank robbers (Point Break), a warrior capable of defying physics in a fake reality (The Matrix), or an unstoppable assassin looking for some righteous payback (John Wick). Even in the Bill and Ted movies, he's usually not the helpless type.

Here's a change of pace: Reeves playing Evan Webber, a vulnerable husband who ends up being tormented by two gorgeous women. That's the premise for the new thriller from writer/director Eli Roth's (Cabin FeverHostel) which is titled Knock Knock.

While Webber's wife and children are away for the weekend, two seemingly friendly women show up at his house (played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) completely drenched by a storm and say they need to use his phone. Webber agrees to help the two out and it's not long before they begin to seduce him. He says no at first and reminds them he's married, but according to the first teaser, it doesn't seem like he resists all that much before going along with it.

From there, though, it's made abundantly clear that these two wanted to test him and they'll begin to torture and humiliate him for cheating on his wife. The second Knock Knock trailer, which you can watch above, spells out a good chunk of the plot and reveals some of the twisted ways the mysterious women end up hurting Webber, both physically and emotionally.

Keanu Reeves in Eli Roth's Knock Knock

Knock Knock is an unofficial remake/update of the 1977 exploitation film Death Game (which Roth couldn't "officially" remake because the companies that hold the Death Game rights no longer exist). There are sure to be several changes to the plot - for example, the characters' names are different - but Roth did bring some of the original Death Game cast and crew (like director Peter S. Traynor and lead Sondra Locke) onboard to help him to both pay homage to Knock Knock's inspiration, while also modernizing the narrative at the same time.

The trailer may not be legitimately scary - it does have Keanu Reeves happily exclaiming, "Chocolate with sprinkles!" as the music attempts to set the ominous tone, after all - and it doesn't seem to be bringing anything that inventive to the genre, either. Still, Knock Knock looks like it has the potential to be perhaps an enjoyably campy thriller. Whether or not it'll offer any real horror elements (and deliver a compelling message about marriage), that's another matter.

Does Knock Knock look like it could be legitimately good, or are you thinking it just may be so-bad-it's-good entertainment?


Knock Knock does not yet have an official U.S. release date.

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