Rian Johnson's Knives Out Casts Toni Collette

Toni Collette In The United States of Tara

On the same day Rian Johnson officially announced the beginning of production, the writer-director's murder-mystery Knives Out has reportedly added Toni Collette to its all-star cast. Coming off his box office smash Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Johnson will take a detour back to planet Earth for his latest project. As of last reports, the director was still on to develop his own new Star Wars trilogy, but that project has apparently hit the back burner at least for the time being.

Described as a contemporary mystery story in the vein of Agatha Christie, Johnson's Knives Out has already loaded its cast with stars. Daniel Craig was first to be announced, and he was quickly followed by Chris Evans. Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield also later jumped aboard, together with Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon and later Blade Runner 2049 actress Ana De Armas. Fresh off her starring role in the smash hit Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis will also join the Knives Out line-up.

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Production has indeed already begun on Knives Out, but the project isn't yet finished adding A-list talent to the cast. As reported by Variety, Toni Collette has become the latest star to sign on for Johnson's mystery story. Like almost everything else having to do with the movie, details about Collette's character are being kept under wraps. All that's really known so far is that Craig will play a detective charged with solving the plot's central mystery.

Collette first became known to audiences thanks to her breakout performance in the 1994 comedy Muriel's Wedding, then went on to nab an Oscar nomination for her performance as a harried mom in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense. Collette could be up for another Oscar this year after playing another tormented mother in Ari Aster's horror film Hereditary. In addition to her film work, Collette has also been a major presence on the small screen with memorable roles in The United States of Tara, Hostages, Devil's Playground and Wanderlust. Her next small screen performance will be as a detective in the Netflix series Unbelievable.

Even before the addition of Collette, Knives Out boasted an all-star cast truly worthy of an Agatha Christie-style ensemble murder-mystery. Tremendous intrigue surrounds this project as next-to-nothing is known about the story or the characters. Unlike a movie based on a novel or other prior work, Johnson's film has the benefit of the mystery being truly under wraps. It will be interesting to see what the Last Jedi director unleashes as he veers away from the world of franchise filmmaking and creates a truly original work that does not bear the burden of fan or studio expectations.

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