Knives Out Official Trailer: Daniel Craig Solves A Murder-Mystery

Following its successful screening at the Toronto International Film Festial, Rian Johnson's whodunnit, Knives Out, gets a new trailer.

A new trailer for Rian Johnson's Knives Out is officially released online. The film is coming off a very successful screening at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, where it was praised for being a highly-entertaining and timely take on the whodunnit genre. While Knives Out didn't take home the coveted People's Choice Award at TIFF (that honor went to Jojo Rabbit), the early reactions indicate critics and audiences thoroughly enjoyed it, and Knives Out is poised to be one of the breakout hits of the fall when it debuts theatrically in November.

General moviegoers got a taste of what to expect with Knives Out when the first trailer came out over the summer. That preview established the broad strokes of the narrative and highlighted the all-star ensemble playing off each other, suggesting the film had the potential to be something special. Now that viewers know Knives Out lives up to the hype, anticipation for it is even higher. That makes this the perfect time to unveil a new trailer and continue to drum up buzz.

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Today, Lionsgate released a new Knives Out trailer. You can watch it in the space below, and see the film's new poster:

The first Knives Out trailer, set to Frank Sinatra's tune "I'm Gonna Live 'Till I Die," was a little more upbeat and lighthearted than this one. Here, the film's dramatic elements are played up, with the instrumental score helping set a serious tone. Of course, there are moments of levity peppered throughout the footage, but the trailer does an excellent job selling Knives Out as  gripping thriller. The film's general premise is fleshed out a bit, as viewers see some of the family members being interrogated. It would appear each one has their own motive for murdering Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), which will help keep audiences on their toes while watching the movie. Chris Evans' smug Ransom, who couldn't be bothered to attend the funeral and looks to be feigning concern, seems like an obvious suspect, but with Rian Johnson, nothing's that easy.

Recently, Johnson discussed the possibility of making Knives Out followups with Craig, but in order for that to happen, this one needs to be a commercial hit. Knives Out premieres over Thanksgiving, which is typically a busy time at the multiplex. It'll be going up against titles like Frozen 2 and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, but it should be able to find an audience. Perhaps it'll gain traction as a counter-programming option for adults. Knives Out doesn't look to be a typical "family film" to enjoy over the holidays, though by all accounts, it'll be a blast to watch.

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Source: Lionsgate

Key Release Dates
  • Knives Out (2019) release date: Nov 27, 2019
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