Knights Templar Vs... Vampires!

It's been something that has been in my family for years, and I have to admit that I have even been to France on my own Grail quest... well kind of.

The Da Vinci Code was required reading for my family (even though the theories presented within it weren't new) and the film was a great disappointment to me and my entire family. So anything Knights Templar-related (National Treasure included) is a must-see for me and my family. So the Browne clan is now very excited about the forthcoming Universal Pictures film that will put a horror spin on this famed and legendary order.

Adam Torchia and Justin Stanley have just sold a script with the title The Knights Templar that has the follwoing plot:

"The Knights Templar, fresh from the Crusades, are forced to fend off an invading vampire army set on destroying the Holy Grail."

Now you're either going to think that this movie sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread, or that it sounds like the second coming of Gigli - only with less Turkey references.

The Knights Templar will be produced by Marc Platt and Timur Bekmambetov, the gentleman behind the forthcoming Angelina Jolie starrer Wanted.

I feel that this is another one of those films that has an outstanding premise (kind of like Van Helsing) and I hope that it isn't ruined by a bad script, pandering to a teen audience or shoddy CGI.

At the very least the Browne's will be checking out The Knights Templar en-masse, so at the very least expect a $300 dollar gross for this film!

With a bit of luck The Knights Templar will be a nice balance of historical epic and horror film. Let's hope that Hollywood doesn't ruin it... like they usually do to great and original ideas!

No release date or cast has been announced yet, but I will keep you updated as the news comes in or out - you know what I mean!

Source: Variety

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