Knightfall Season 2 Trailer & Premiere Date: Mark Hamill Gets Medieval

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History is gearing up for more from its Templar Knights saga Knightfall, with the first trailer for season 2, which introduces Mark Hamill’s battle-hardened warrior, Talus. Hamill’s involvement is a big win for the series, which is looking to capitalize on the success of the soon-to-be-ending Vikings, bringing a highly stylized aesthetic to the genre of historical fiction. The series’ first season was in many ways a fascinating departure from the tales of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, while also being clearly cut from the same narrative cloth. And while the first season of Knightfall leaned heavily into notions of conspiracy and other shadowy plots, the second season looks as though it will be exploring more of the inner demons haunting its central character Landy (Tom Cullen). 

Now, the series can also look forward to earning some geek cred, too, as Hamill inevitably brings with him memories of not only Luke Skywalker, but also his years giving voice to the Joker in various animated forms. It also looks as though his role here won’t be some sort of one-off attention grab, as the trailer clearly positions Talus as an important figure in not only the pending war between the Templar Knights and King Philip of France (Ed Stoppard), but also in the redemption of Landry himself. 

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Landry’s ruin was at the heart of the first season’s final run, one which saw him banished from the Templars for his dalliance with the queen that resulted in a child. Here, the trailer wastes no time in establishing he’s welcomed back into the fold, albeit as an initiate with the order. Check out the trailer below:  

Once again, watching the trailer it’s hard to put Hamill’s past iconic roles out one’s thought as he’s seen playing the role of steely mentor to recently re-instated Landry. Hamill is certainly diving into the role with plenty of gusto, as he’s not only decked out in plenty of make-up and an impressive wig, but he’s also adopted an intriguing voice, one that’s showcased quite often in the trailer. The end result looks to be a slightly overcooked but certainly entertaining new season that repositions the series around a much more compelling conflict than season 1. 

Whether or not that prove to be true remains to be seen, but as History ramps up the marketing for the new season of Knightfall it’s all but certain the network will be putting Mark Hamill front and center. Perhaps that’ll mean a whole new audience will be tuning in when the season premiere in March. 

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Knightfall season 2 premieres Monday, March 25 @9pm on History.

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