Knight Rider Video Clips = Horrifically Awful

Oh boy... I justed watched five clips from the Knight Rider TV movie/pilot that will be airing this Sunday.

How many synonyms are there for the word awful?

Ok... let me back up and maybe try to be a bit more fair. The only scenes that were excrutiatingly painful to watch were the ones containing the fellow on the left, Justin Bruening, who plays Mike Knight, son of Michael Knight.

Holy cow is this guy awful in the role. I'm talking cringe-inducing.

You can see for yourself by heading over to, which has exclusive clips from the show.

Now they're not ALL bad, mostly the couple of clips where "Mike" appears. Although that doesn't mean that the other ones are fantastic.

I do like the girl, and I actually like Val Kilmer as the voice of K.I.T.T. and I think they've done a decent job with the personality of the car.

But the character of Mike... holy cow, man. (Of course the more terrible it is, no doubt the higher the ratings will turn out to be.)

Just head over there for yourselves to see what I mean, then come back here and give us your thoughts. In particular check out clips 4 & 5.

Knight Rider airs on Sunday, February 17th.

Source: IESB

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