Knight Rider To Benefit From Bionic Errors

When the remake of The Bionic Woman bailed on ratings, it supposedly left some lessons in it's wake that NBC hopes to apply to the upcoming remake of the 1980's series: Knight Rider.

Rushing The Bionic Woman into production after the pilot aired hurt NBC creatively, and obviously the quality level of the show also took a hit. What is it my mom used to say? Haste makes waste? After the first episode, the ratings plummeted like swirling water in a tub. No, faster. Tub water swirls, slowing the decrease of water in the tub.

Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, said that this time around with Knight Rider, they are taking their time in putting the new, weekly series on the air.

As with The Bionic Woman and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, these series start out with a bang, but then fizzle in the ratings. Vic previously suggested that some show ratings are beneficiaries or victims of the curiosity factor. Out of curiosity and fond memories of past shows, we pile on in to see how the new version cuts it, but due to one reason or another, ie: lack of quality content, etc - it flounders once it switches over to weekly episode mode.

It seems NBC might have read Vic's post (or not) and has tapped into partnering with a show runner with a fairly decent track record: Gary Scott Thompson. He was the show runner for NBC's Las Vegas, scripted The Fast And The Furious and penned Hollow Man. All good stuff in my book.

Knowing they've got some ratings to live up to, NBC is taking a serious approach to meeting the audience's expectations by hiring staff, cast and writing crew. Just maybe, the audience will be the beneficiaries of their attention to details.

I guess we'll find out when Knight Rider premiers on NBC this fall.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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