Knight Rider Series Greenlit Based On Curiosity Factor

According to Variety, NBC has decided to go ahead and approve Knight Rider as an ongoing TV series for next Fall.

It seems that the pilot had decent enough ratings to convince the powers that be to go ahead and approve the concept for a weekly series. While I didn't exactly skewer the recent Knight Rider pilot, I didn't exactly give it a glowing review, either. As a matter of fact, most commenters on my review said I went too easy on the two hour pilot.

My defense was that the source material was not exactly high art, so I tried to review this updated version with some relation to the original. Still, it was pretty damned weak in my opinion, mainly due to the script. I didn't even find the lead, Justin Bruening to be completely awful in the role. He might even grow into it eventually.

But the story and script... yikes. Really over the top terrible. One can only hope they get some new writers once this thing goes weekly. I also hope they do away with inserting the lead along with KITT into the Ford Mustang commercials during the breaks.

Regarding the series being picked up based on the pilot's ratings, I'm sure the folks over at NBC know a lot more about this sort of thing than I do (well...) but it seems to me they're possibly missing one important part of the ratings equation: curiosity.

How many people, I wonder, tuned in to the two hour pilot just out of curiosity based on just the Knight Rider name just to see whether this thing would be any good - or a train wreck? Will those same folks hang around to tune in week after week? Somehow, I think that a large percentage won't.

On a final note, I doubt it'll happen, but I'd love to see David Hasselhoff in a recurring role on the show.

Source: Variety via AICN, which I heard about from New Film Dimension (hey, credit where credit's due)

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