Knight Rider In NASCAR Race Saturday Night

In case you wonder where I am when I'm not pestering you here on Screen Rant, I keep myself busy blogging about NASCAR. It's always easy to figure out where I'll be. If I'm not at the track, I'm glued in front of my TV watching auto racing, specifically, NASCAR. then Sci-Fi, then action movies, then... well you get it.

I've been feebly trying to sneak a NASCAR post in here from since, well, forever. I finally get to talk about it here on Screen Rant! Vic is letting me because I am sneaking it in under the umbrella of TV news. HA HA!

In my "bio", he says he can't figure out the common ground between my love for Sci-Fi, Comic Books and NASCAR.

Well here it is:

Yates Racing and NBC announced a unique partnership with and between Ford Motor Company and NBC.

Travis Kvapil will pilot the No. 28 Knight Rider sponsored Ford for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway, on August 23rd, 7 p.m. ET Sat. on ESPN.

Ha! There ya go Vic!

But before I close this little vent, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the studios often use NASCAR to advertise their products.

We've seen movie sponsorships on the hoods of Mark Martin and Dale Jarrett for Batman, Superman, Superman Returns, Shrek & Toy Story movies. In one race a few years ago, the Joker was on one car, Batman on the other. It was a big to-do about who would win. I think the Joker did. Anyhow, Jeff Gordon has had Speed Racer, Underdog, Mighty Mouse & Looney Tunes on his hood. Bobby Labonte has carried Toy Soldiers, Jurassic Park movies & Spiderman on his hoods. Kevin Harvick has had Bare Naked Ladies... oh, that's not a movie, my bad. Bands are on the hoods often. Especially on Dale Earnhardt Jr's hood 'cause he's the cool dude in the pack and knows these cool dudes.

This list is a tiny sampling. Many movies and television shows come across the hoods of the cars and NASCAR fans have a reputation for being among the most sponsor dedicated fans in the sporting world, so they're a coveted demographic. (Yep, ol' Brucey is a coveted demographic!)

Those hoods cost a sponsor $10 million a year, and they find it worth it to be there!

OK, that was it. I was able to squeeze my NASCAR moment into SR. Thanks for your patience everyone! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Finally... I can breathe again!

Source: Speedway Media, Main Part of Image: Hollywood Reporter

PS: I'll have my name on the side of Dale Earnhardt Jr's car in tiny font along with 50,000 other fans... but it will be there! Hehe. And yes, I've driven one of these beasts, at the 2 mile track in CA. Quite the experience!

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