Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride In Talks for 'Knight Rider' Film

Chris Pratt Danny McBride

Chris Pratt might not be a name that casual moviegoers instantly recognize, but that may be about to change. Warner Bros.' The Lego Movie - in which Pratt voices the lead character - is now a box office hit and critical favorite (read our review), with a sequel already in development.

In addition, the actor has already been tapped to head the casts of Marvel's ambitious cosmic adventure Guardians of the Galaxy and franchise quasi-reboot Jurassic World. His burgeoning film career has already called into question whether Pratt will return to his fan favorite role on TV's Parks and Recreation, and now comes news that he (along with another familiar face) may be up for a lead role in another big-screen revival.

According to Schmoes Know, Pratt and Danny McBride (This Is the End, Pineapple Express) have been offered lead roles in the Knight Rider film being developed by The Weinstein Company and written by Arrested Development's Brad Copeland. The project would, of course, be the latest take on the franchise that began with the 1982 series starring David Hasselhoff as a crime-fighter behind the wheel of the ultra-sophisticated Knight Industries Two Thousand automobile (or KITT, for short). The most recent incarnation was a short-lived 2008 series reboot that starred Justin Bruening as the son of Hasselhoff's character.

'Knight Rider' Movie Gets a Writer

At this point, there's no indication if a new version of the Michael Knight character (originally played by Hasselhoff) will be included in the script - let alone whether Pratt or McBride would be in line to play him. However, the film is expected to reboot the franchise rather than attempt to fit within the established continuity of the previous TV iterations.

Moreover, by the sounds of it, the new Knight Rider looks to be taking an action-comedy approach to the source material. Recent projects like Green Hornet and 21 Jump Street have similarly modernized their premises by infusing them with a greater sense of humor, with varying results. If Knight Rider truly intends on employing the same strategy, bringing proven funnymen like Pratt and McBride onboard is certainly a good first step.

The Knight Rider brand likely doesn't hold the same appeal with today's younger generation as those old enough to remember the original series, and that could prove to be a stumbling block for the studio's marketing efforts. However, if the Fast and Furious franchise has proven anything, it's that moviegoers love a good car chase.

Do you think Pratt and McBride are good fits for a Knight Rider film, and who would you like to see them play, should they officially board the project? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Source: Schmoes Know

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